Pownce Invites – But Don’t Follow Kevin Rose

I have a few invites to Pownce available, so if you are in desperate need to suffer even more distractions, just use my contact form or drop me an email.

Kevin Rose

Ahh, morning tea. I just got some great dragonwell from a friend downstairs. So good.

Pownce doesn’t have a way to filter important messages that should be notified by email, and general chatter.
By default email notification is on, I would love for it to have some way to allow you to flag important messages to send email notifications, but not the fluff.
I am not looking for a way to have a worse “signal to noise” ratio.

I signed up as a follower to Kevin to get service announcements, I am not looking to know what kind of tea he drinks, as though interesting trivia, it is not information I need to know today.

This is a similar issue to MyBlogLog and email. Some messages you want to receive, but not the junk broadcasts.

Pownce Review

Honestly I haven’t got time, and Tamar has done such a good comparison of Pownce vs Twitter, I would just prefer to link through.
I am sure Sam will be writing a lot about Pownce as well.

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    I don’t think users have the ability to distinguish between “fluff” and important messages. Well, that sounds a bit harsher than what I think I feel. A better way to state it is that such a “feature” is sure to get abused by those that think they are going to get more of your attention by checking that box and having you emailed. There’s a term for that. Let me remember… ;)

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    It seems like it would be relatively easy to fix these messaging issues, and it would definitely help to keep these services from turning into the mess that is known as MySpace.