You Have The Attention Span of a Gnat

I promised a review of “The Attention Age Doctrine” but I thought instead I would play around with some appetisers to encourage people to take a look.
The amount of time I have been able to allocate to this has been extremely limited, as a more urgent need for my time arose on Sunday and took up a large chunk of it over the last few days.

One of the things I like about Rich Schefren’s books are the quotations from a multitude of credible news sources, and historical references.

Here are 2 examples, though without commentary.

A modern maxim says: People tend to overestimate what can be done in one year and to underestimate what can be done in five or ten years

Footnote on p. 17 of Joseph Licklider, Libraries of the Future, MIT Press, 1965.

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
Where is the information that we have lost in data?

T.S.Elliot “The Rock” 1910

Playing With Video

I have actually had access to a Pro account of Veoh TV for a couple of days, and as I was looking to review it at least briefly, I thought I would create at least one video, and use it to cross publish over on YouTube.

Here we have a whole bunch of the same video that was originally created at 320×240
That is well below the 540×405 @ 500kbps that is recommended by Veoh and less quality than the default for the other service.

The embedded code below for each service is the standard size offered. I thought it would be an interesting way to compare both quality and playback speed.

Veoh TV

Online Videos by

It should also be noted that Veoh take forever encoding videos compared to Google.

The ratio I uploaded is the same 4 : 3, though you have to allow for the controls.


Note that Veoh add a viral splash screen after the video has rolled. I am not sure I am too happy about that aspect.

Google Video

I didn’t use the syndication option from Veoh to upload to Google Video because I don’t really want to divulge my Google account attached to my Adwords / Adsense / Gmail

Veoh Conclusions

It is early days yet. They offer some interesting ways to sell content, though I have been a little disappointed in the ways you can search for content, and the overall selection.
With all three videos uploaded at the same time, it will be interesting to see how much of a difference there is in number of playbacks.

I am assuming that people reading this post will most likely play each test video, so total playbacks will be similar for the traffic I send them.

Deliberate Low Quality?

If I had created the video to the highest quality for Veoh, the print in the ebook might have been readable frame-by-frame, which wasn’t the intention. I used some very basic tools, a cheap screen capture program that many give away for free, and windows moviemaker.
I only used Snagit for the splash at the end, though the fonts didn’t render as smooth in video as they were on screen before processing.

Video Content

Strategic Profits actually produced their own commercial video to help promote their Acceleration Seminar. To date it has had approximately 1700 views since 17th May

It is a professional creation, yet marketing videos of all kinds get very few votes on favorites on the various video sites.

In addition it is strange that as far as I can tell, no affiliates have used this video in any of their promotions, as no links are being reported from YouTube.

1700 views might seem a small amount, but from what I can see it is quite high for the internet marketing niche, especially if the videos were not used by affiliates in promotion.

Read The Ebook

Obviously it is better to read Rich’s ebook in the medium it was designed for.

Download “The Attention Age Doctrine” FREE

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    Man…I gotta lock myself in a hotel room for a week with a pallet of Diet Coke and Domino’s on speed dial to catch up on all his stuff. I’ve barely scratched the surface of his other material!

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    I’ve played with all the major video services and the best I’ve found so far is for quality and syndication and also for quality viddler

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    Thanks for the interesting article. I also have used before and have found it good. I also downloaded the ebook you mentioned and it helped clear up a few things I was not sure about. I am looking forward to your next blog entry. Thanks.