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I have never used Typepad, I have never felt the need. I started with Blogger a couple of years ago, quickly progressed to using predominantly WordPress and never looked back.

When I link to a Wordperss blog, most of the time I can just use pingback which autodiscovers the trackback URL for any blog I link to within a post and sends a trackback to the blog owner.

On some WordPress blogs they have removed the pingback code to reduce spam. Fair enough I enter a trackback URL if I want to give them a signal that I have written something that might be worth their while reading.

On Blogger there are now linkbacks powered by Google blogsearch, so you can tell who has linked to you. A Blogger user can also send a trackback using a convenient script.

If I am sending a trackback to many other blogging platforms, I normally have to grab a specific trackback URL from their posts. It is a little inconvenient, but I still do it.

Typepad & Moveable Type Users – Are You Whispering About Me?

That is what it seems like anyway…

Typepad & Moveable Type blogs can receive trackbacks, so I am sure they are meant to be able to send them as well, maybe with auto detection but I have a feeling they don’t offer that functionality.

So you probably have to send a trackback manually filling in a field in your posting form. I am not going to register with Typepad just to write a tutorial on how to do it, but I would gladly link to one.

Having just done a search, I couldn’t find a simple tutorial teaching people how to send a trackback from Typepad to different blogging platforms. It seems like a no-brainer article to have on the first page of results.

So please someone write a tutorial so I can link to it

This blog post was inspired by Amy, maybe she will write a great tutorial. She was lucky I saw her link in Technorati, but I am sure I miss half the times people link to me, either because they link to my domain rather than my content, or because they don’t send trackbacks.

Alternatively one of Mikes students should do it, or maybe lots of people. Mike has to rest even though he is back home, so I refuse to link to him if he writes it.

We are looking for a comprehensive write-up with screenshots.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy- Glad you found me! Sadly, the only way I know to make TypePad do trackbacks is to paste the Trackback link in the trackbacks box when composing the post. If there is no link, it seems like sometimes it pings and sometimes it doesn’t. I wish I knew what to do with this, but I’ll have to leave the TypePad Guru title to someone else…!

  2. says

    I wish I was still able to log in to my Movable Type publishing platform, because I’d look in to this for you. I screwed up something in my database a while back and because my blog wasn’t really related to my business I just didn’t sweat it much.

    Anyway, from what I remember I used to manually paste trackback URLs, but there I do remember there being something that said “auto-detect”, but I don’t recall it actually working (or ever seeing it in action). I can’t say it didn’t work, but I just never knew of a specific instance when I can say that the auto-detection truly did anything.

    By the way, let me just tell everyone that I find MT to be a huge pain and I don’t recommend it. (And don’t even get me started on the amount of TB and comment spam I used to get… that is what started my problems that eventually lead to my all the problems that eventually lead to me no longer even using my blog).

  3. says

    Amy is right, it’s darn hard to find out and I think the cut-and-paste method is the only one that works.

    I count myself as a good test for any consumer-intended technology. If I can’t work it out – the average punter certainly won’t.

    This I didn’t work out!
    Rebecca Caroe