Split Testing With WordPress

So you want to build your website with with WordPress rather than a static HTML page, but you also want the benefits of being able to split test your copy and use it with Google Website Optimizer.
That sounds like a job for lots of custom programming…

Think again, someone has already written one!

Split Testing Plugin For WordPress

I came across this on Grokdotcom and it seems to have been jointly developed by them and ContentRobot.

Full details of the plugin can be found on the official website optimizer for wordpress site.

I haven’t tested the plugin but the source is reliable thus I expect it to be useful for all my marketing and copywriting subscribers.

p.s. I am currently travelling, so responses to comments will be slightly delayed

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    I checked it out but it seems kind of buggy. I can’t get the plugin to work properly with my wordpress. I’ll let you know if I get it fixed.

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    Wow! Hi Andy, Peter here. I just stumbled onto your blog and I must say I’m very impressed. You have tons of content on here that you really should package up and sell ;-)

    I’ve been waiting for a plugin like this and now I’m going to test it out on my other wordpress blogs and see what kinda of conversions I get.

    Keep up the fantastic work


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    Thank you, Andy! I’ve trying to jury rig my website like a Rube Goldberg contraption using Google Analytics and their UTM codes!I’m sure Google Web Optimizer could come into the mix but I just could get my mind around how to juggle this plate!

    I’ll let you know how it goes
    Brad Masterson
    Article Marketing World

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    It is funny, I was looking for something just like this. We can split test on HTML pages, but not WordPress? Apparently not anymore. I am going to give this plug-in a try. Thanks Andy!

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    Thank you Andy, for mentioning the plugin, I’ve been looking for something like that! Although I’m not a big expert on installing plugins to WP, I’ll do my best to try and will write back.
    I have a couple of big and old html sites which I wanted to run on WP furthermore, they’ll need to be optimized of course

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    Sounds cool.
    I was researching for some tools like that. Thank you very much andy. You’re added on my Bloglines feedreader.

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    Frankly, I do all of my split testing with Craig’s List – just one of the many creative uses – plus I have been generating a sick amount of free traffic, saving hundreds of dollars using craigs list. It is tricky but it can be done..

    After i figured out how to use Craig’s list i created an affordable product for others.

    check it out at

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    Hi there,
    Know anyone which plugin to use if I want only the first part (first paragraph) of the article to be displayed? If someone want to read more there will be a “read more” link…
    On my blog right now is displayed all of article content and I don’t want this…
    I’m talking about the latest 10 articles displayed on the first page of my blog.
    I’m using WordPress.
    Can anyone help?