The Acceleration 2 Seminar: Introduction & Disclosure

Acceleration 2 SeminarMy father was a 40 year veteran at The Daily Telegraph, head proof reader for a number of those years until proof readers were phased out in favour of computer jockeys with spell checkers, though you would never guess that based upon my own spelling and frequent typing mistakes.

He would be quite shocked that I was in many ways fulfilling the role of a member of the press for the last week in Delray Beach, Florida, attending Rich Schefren’s Acceleration 2 Seminar & Strategic Profits Live.

I am not going to make any claims to having journalistic integrity. I write from my own perspective which may be similar or totally different from my readers.


I am not sure how many people were invited as members of the press to this event, but I know that 4 were in attendance. I gained free entry to all the seminars and the same conference notes as attendees.
I covered all travel and accommodation costs – Transatlantic travel and hotel bookings at short notice are hardly petty cash so whilst my total cost to attend might be reduced, it certainly wasn’t a free ride.

Total cost of attendance (for me) was approximately $3500, so that is the same as someone living locally who just had to pay for a conference ticket.

As always I am going to try to be objective in all my coverage. Proportionate to income (and disposable income) my cost to attend is quite likely higher than many of those attending (in fact I am sure of it), thus I am hoping this will provide a good measuring stick for anyone interested in attending a similar event in the future.


You have probably seen reporting by many bloggers at similar events. Different seminars have different rules in force regarding recording of content, and certainly many bloggers are much more capable than me of “live reporting” – in fact I decided not to even attempt live blogging.

I am going to see how the following formula works out:-

  • Speaker Overview – Introduction to the speaker for each session where appropriate, including links to related websites
  • Session Overview – An Overview of each session, including intended goals – unlike many seminars, some of the sessions certainly during the first 2 days have specific attainment goals, and even homework
  • Topics – in bullet form with short descriptions – I don’t intend to cover every aspect of each session
  • Retrospective Review – I am going to be reviewing each session where appropriate with the benefit of hindsight – that might seem strange, but in many ways the topics that will be covered on Day 2 are a continuation of content from the first day’s sessions.
  • Takeaways & Results – the aim from some of the sessions was to walk away from the training with work and lifestyle changing skills and techniques that can show immediate measurable results.

Hopefully if I just use some of the material covered in the seminar I will work more effectively, allowing me to spend more time enjoying life and grow my business exponentially.

There is going to be a lot of material, probably around 60 pages, so rather than publish all the material as blog posts, I am going to publish almost everything in PDF so it can be downloaded and printed out.
I walked away with over 1000 pages of course materials and notes, so there really is a need to condense the material into an “executive overview”.

My only regret from the trip is that I didn’t have a chance to hook up with any readers whilst over in Florida – the schedule was extremely hectic and combined with a little essential networking in the evening resulted in not even switching on my laptop for 4 days straight.

I had intended to spring a surprise “postie patrol” on Dan and Ted but travel arrangements and attending an extremely exclusive 5th day “mastermind session” with Rich Schefren (CEO Strategic Profits) & MaryEllen Tribby (CEO of Agora Publishing’s Early To Rise) totally messed up any free time I might have had on the trip.

So what classes as exclusive?

Rich + key members of his executive team at Strategic Profits
MaryEllen Tribby
7 very serious business owners

That session started at 9am and carried on until 4 or 5pm officially, and then some of us headed out for a meal. I don’t think I got back to my room until midnight.

Whilst the main sessions were amazing, the exclusive mastermind session was phenomenal and was a great display of the business prowess of both Rich and MaryEllen, who were able to address each of the other businesses as if they were running the business for themselves, and highlight the exact ways to bring each business to its full potential.
Whilst I was offered the same treatment, I opted to take a more “fly-on-the-wall” approach, helping out where I could offer something constructive, but otherwise not attending for personal gain.
I honestly learnt a great deal, and from the feedback I received I believe the attendees benefited from my involvement.

My attendance at this event was a great example of the Law Of Attraction in action (yeah I am sure I will get lots of comment spam now just mentioning that phrase), and also the Law of Reciprocity – paying it forward – which James Brausch wrote about a few days ago in a guest post on Michel Fortin’s blog.

In publishing my reports I have a few technical hurdles to overcome, and 60+ pages to write, so things will still be a little quiet here on the blog until next week (though I will meet a few prior commitments).
Then there are also the 800 emails that have stacked up. If I am slow in response, please bare with me.

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    Very informative… I recently read about this somewhere else, and was curious.

    The author didn’t quite break it down like you did, he just kind of threw it into a post.

  2. says

    I think I would have had to blow off some other events in order to do the postie patrol. That would have been great!

  3. says

    $3500 seems a lot for a conference?

    No-one can claim journalistic integrity – that is something LL must earn I feel!