A Dofollow Plugin I Liken To A Subaru

I was going to liken this plugin to a Ferrari, because it is built to be fast, but it is probably more like a Subaru, not just fast but designed for rugged terrain and can handle the twists and turns of comment spammers without slowing down.

Lucia has spent a lot of time not just programming, but profiling the traits of comment spam and I am sure that work will continue.

Take a look at Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin

Now added to the master list of Nofollow and Dofollow solutions

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    I’ve been thinking about going do-follow for a while, but what about backdating? I looked at the description but it wasn’t clear to me whether or not old comments are retroactively made dofollow – did I miss something?

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    It`s very nice that there seems to be more and more attention for follow and nofollow issues. Lot`s of options here. Pretty cool. I recently had a look at the Google Trends and, well, the web might become better and better. ;-)

    By the way. I`ve seen that you mentioned my own plugin “Nofollow Case by Case” within your follow and nofollow list. Thanks very much!

    May be my translation has not been good enough. Just to explain this in short: Nofollow Case by Case is a follow plugin by default as well. You wondered if it works together with other follow plugins but, just to make this clear by the way, you will not need a second follow plugin if you make use of nofollow case by case. Default is “follow” for all the links and only if you add /dontfollow to any comment or trackback link this single link will be changed to “nofollow”. It works and it`s as easy like that. ;-)

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    Thanks Andy!

    Great analogy btw. Guess what? I love my Subaru! We bought it when I lived just outside Ames, Iowa where there is a lot of snow. I wouldn’t have wanted to drive a nice Ferrari on the gravel road that lead to my driveway! :)

    My two brothers-in-law jointly own a collectible Ferrari and also collectible Corvette. The garage these all winter and only drive them for pleasure on the weekends. They each also own cars they drive to work.

    @Derami: Existing comments that meet the criteria you set are made retroactively do follow. So for example, if someone visited your blog a lot in 2006, accumulated the appropriate number of valid comments, and you add the plugin now, their old comments are do-follow.

    This holds for nearly all dofollow plugins.

    In the case of this plugin, you’ll be giving fewer retroactive “dofollows” than for other comments because you get to require people to have left some minimum number of comments.

    If you accumulated a lot of spam in the past, you might not want to use this or any other dofollow plugin until after you eliminate your spam.

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    I installed a DoFollow plugin and had my first spam within 8 hours.

    Lucia pointed me to her plugin a few days ago and I’ve installed it on my WP blogs. It appears to be working great, and I like that it rewards regular commenters while shutting out the spammers.

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    I only installed this new do follow plugin 24 or so hours ago but I think I’ve already seen a reduction in human generated comment spam. I’ve been a do follow blogger for over a year. I became one in order to reward my loyal regular visitors with a backlink to their site. Now with this new plugin I can control who gets a dofollow link a little better than I could with the more commonly used dofollow plugin.

    I’m using it on all my blogs and I’ve set the minimum amount of comments that one must leave at different amounts on each blog depending upon how busy they are or how loyal readership they’ve developed.

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    Good stuff man, glad to see you’re using it. I just put it on my blog not too long ago but I just need to find more time to blog now lol