Mike Filsaime Finally Screws $497 Out Of Me (and what a bargain)

I have known Mike Filsaime for over 2 years, though admittedly we haven’t communicated that often, and I am not in his normal social or JV circle… yet for over 2 years I have been on his email list, and I have never purchased anything from him.

I did get to meet Mike briefly whilst over in Florida, though I didn’t grab the usual “hey I know Mike” photo, we just exchanged a few words whilst helping another attendee.

I am amazed he hasn’t cleaned me off his email list over the years as one of those tire kickers who just eat up bandwidth and server load to send email to every few days.

It is much more cost effective to have a small email list of customers than a massive email list of freebie seekers, but Mike is one of those people who excels in converting free information seekers into paying customers, and one of his competitive advantages is the software he uses, his Butterfly Marketing script, and the refined techniques he uses, and teaches.

Whilst there have been a number of copy-cat products launched since it launched at the beginning of 2006, Mike has continued to innovate and refine the butterfly marketing membership site script, keeping it on the edge, just one step ahead of its competitors.

Butterfly Marketing whilst it launched at a significant discount, has been selling for close to $1500 for over a year, because it allows you to create such a powerful sales process that improves signup and conversion rates.

Paying For A Seminar To Get The Bonus Butterfly Marketing Script?

Mike finally persuaded me to part with some cash

The World Internet Main Event is taking place in San Francisco, 13th-16th September 2007 and you can currently pick up a ticket to this seminar for just $497.

Among the bonuses for those who register for the seminar is a full version of the complete Butterfly Marketing Package, including the script, manuscript, and all the training material.

You get the whole of Butterfly Marketing plus the 4 day seminar for just $497 (with some additional bonuses)

I am not sure I am going to be able to attend this seminar, even though I have paid for it, but that doesn’t necessarily matter, I will also gain free access to other seminars that will take place over the next year.

I should point out that this is the digital download version of Butterfly Marketing, though this is the full package, not just the manuscript

Now for me, that is actually a selling point

  1. No shipping costs
  2. No customs duty and delays
  3. No clutter in the home office
  4. Immediate Access

For those people willing to pay $1000 more for a ring binder and a few DVDs you are more than welcome to buy the full “hard copy” version of Butterfly Marketing

It is my honest option that summit + script for $497 is a much better deal.

Whilst I have been typing this blog article, Butterfly Marketing has been downloading to my hard disk – I am actually amazed at how fast it is downloading, much faster than I normally manage from most video sites including YouTube.

Butterfly Marketing Download

As you can see, it is a full version, you get not only the text based instruction material, but also all the DVD and Audio training, and I will get to watch that tonight rather than having to wait for shipping and customs clearance (which can sometimes double the cost to own)

Pitch Fest?

It is well known that some internet marketing events are nothing more than a pitch fest, with one presenter after another going up on stage with only one purpose, to sell you something.

I have honestly no idea what World Internet Main Event will be like, but there are bound to be opportunities to network with other marketers and affiliates whilst you are there.

For those that are having trouble “getting to first base” with internet marketing, I am sure the unique “Newbie Training Day” will be invaluable, and the Butterfly Marketing software on its own is almost all you need to create a profitable internet business.

If you live close by on the West Coast, it won’t cost you a lot to attend, and even if you have to use a hotel, I believe the room rate at the event itself is around $119 per night, which isn’t too bad (it is a 4 day event), and you can probably grab a flight with a cheap carrier like Jet Blue if travelling from further afield.

Butterfly Marketing For Bloggers?

You will see soon how I am going to be offering incentives for subscribing to this blog, and it will even include hopefully an affiliate program.
Yaro Starak recently used the Butterfly Marketing script in his launch of Blog Mastermind to extremely good effect. I have no intention of offering some kind of competing service, as I think he is doing an exceptional job, but I do want to offer various ways to encourage blog subscriptions, and possibly add some unique monetization with back end offers.

I can’t guarantee the bonus script will still be available when you read this, it was only meant to be for 24hrs, and I must admit I read Mike’s email a little late, and 24 hours has already past. If it is still available, I suggest you sign up, and grab Butterfly Marketing as a bonus for a bargain price.

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  1. says

    I think no matter what type of industry convention you goto you’ll always run into speakers whos trying to sell you crap.

    It’s like that with this photography industry seminar I attend. They give you half the information and the other half they want you to buy their dvds and books and photoshop actions.