2 Surfer Dudes Who Know A Thing About Video

I think I have been on both of these guy’s mailing lists for maybe 2 years and they certainly know what they are talking about.

I honestly have no idea what kind of product Jason Moffatt is launching with these videos, and I am not one of his affiliates (at least for this launch).

These 2 videos, where he is chatting with Frank Kern in his living room are typical of the type of videos Jason produces all the time, and I am sure he is making some good money from it.

Here is Jason’s own warning:-

(Parental Advisory & Warning For Uptight Folks… Frank and I tend to slip in some occasional colorful language. If that bothers you in any way please don’t view the videos. Of course, we are only fooling around, but I feel a bit compelled to warn anyone who is overly sensitive to 2 surfer dudes chatting like we were in a bar. Have fun! )

I have sat through and watched both videos to the end, and there were quite a few useful nuggets, probably about as much as I would pick up from most new ebooks, thus it was well worth the time spent, and the videos are free.

If you are interested in watching similar videos, I suggest you sign up to Jason’s mailing list for Easy Video Sales.

Total Web Video – Video Overlay Effects

One product mentioned during the videos is Total Web Video. Josh Anderson isn’t a surfer dude, but he also knows a lot about audio and video production. I actually purchased a copy a few months ago, thought it was cool, and thus created a 125×125 button and stuck it in my sidebar.
I haven’t mentioned it up until now as quite a few people were promoting it via email, so I just thought I would promote it “low key” – anyone interested in video overlay effects would click the button.
If you are into video, and especially if you are making sales pages and squeeze pages, it is a pretty cool video effect, and the instructions on how to do it are exceptional.
Creating something like that isn’t just a case of downloading Josh’s script, there is a fair amount of preparation involved, and quite a lot of equipment and software, but Josh does explain how to do everything on very low budgets, and provides lots of useful links.

It is a pretty sweet deal for just $27.

A lot of the tips are fairly universal and could be used for most web video (well other than Camtasia screen capture stuff)

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  1. Ms Wahala says

    Hey Andy,

    Haven’t seen you about in a while. I haven’t been here either but I read every single one of your posts since I signed up for email.

    I don’t know about the rest of your visitors, but I buy internet marketing, search and other tools every single week as a hobby. This time last year, I’d spend hundreds of dollars every Friday picking up new stuff. I do my best to buy through affiliates when I can. So I’d love to see one big update a week, or maybe a rolling page of the products you endorse or have reviewed once a week to make my shopping easier.

    • says

      You are really going to appreciate what I am going to be doing with the site in the future, though this blog isn’t specifically set up to make money from it.

      I do stop by more often than you realise, for instance yesterday, or maybe the day before I was watching one of your videos on Facebook – all these different channels can make like confusing, and hard for people to monitor – I can’t use image tracking with Facebook which is a pain.

      Here is the video I watched from your Splashcast channel – I still need to catch up on the others,

      p.s. that redirect script/plugin you are using on the blog seems to take forever to redirect to sites.

      p.p.s that redirect from Blogger works great if you decide to move to a domain and use WordPress.