Adage Power 150

Well it used to be Todd’s, but as I wrote about recently, it now has a new home as the Adage Power150 and has also been officially announced today on Adage.

That is a lot of links for me in one paragraph, I already feel guilty of linking mistakes.

Adage Power150

It is the same list, but just as Todd’s list grew from beyond 150 marketing related blogs, I am sure this list will eventually go beyond 500.

I have annotated the top50 list a little with some thoughts.

Top Marketing Blogs

Charts like this are a measuring stick, and Daniel prepared a list based on the idea of the Power150 for both Blogging and SEO and I think I actually preferred the original look for the column headers which Daniel used.

There are some other differences between the original list Todd prepared, and those by both Adage and Daniel.

  • Mouseovers – unfortunately I can’t demonstrate this to you, but when I was last writing this list I was able to guess fairly accurately how many “points” I needed from each service to attain a certain number of ranking points on Todd’s chart, because when you moved your mouse over the numbers in the chart, you could see the exact numbers being used for each grouping.
  • Automatic Update – I am hoping that the Adage page is being updated automatically using Todd’s script, but I believe Daniel’s might not be. A list of this kind is a lot of hard work to maintain manually.
  • Presentation – The list on Adage is getting very long, and I predict will get longer – it really needs to be segmented in some way, I would suggest a way for sites to add themselves to 3 categories out of maybe 10 in total.

Whilst I am sure the people at the top of the main list are now receiving a flood of traffic from the announcement, those on additional pages or further down the list will receive far less, though maybe a boost in subscribers from the OPML of Marketing Blogs.

p.s. I was right about those “Todd And” points. I have a feeling Todd is very partial to things which are not “search engine marketing” and “internet marketing” related, and I do still need to refine my “look”


There is quite a lot of coverage of this major shift, and I love efforts to try to bring the marketing industry together collectively, though the battle will become under whose banner it should be.

I mentioned Mike Sansone in my annotation, because he is without doubt one of the greatest evangelists on the benefit of linking out to people when blogging and marketing for business.

GrokDotCom also has some coverage and has been highlighting the subjective nature of the “Todd And” rating, and highlighting their extensive multimedia marketing efforts. They did forget to mention their WordPress Split Testing plugin.

Viaspire does some smart linking out to their clients in a great show of reciprocity.

Jim Kukral shows his blog marketing expertise and highlights why Todd’s list was so successful.

John Moore welcomes his new visitors and proves he is a smart marketing blogger, loads of deep linking to his best content.
John of course ranks very highly on the chart, which is admirable for a solo blog.
The sad thing is John would rank much higher if Technorati didn’t have his links split between 2 different URLs – maybe he has enough influence to complain about it an have his voice heard.

Jeremiah from Podtech creates a list of marketing podcasts. He shouldn’t forget that there are loads of marketing podcasts on services such as Webmaster Radio and Blog Talk Radio. Yeah I still look on audio as being a podcast. If you are looking for video, I know Andy Beal has one.

Mediabistro’s “Agency Spy” has some coverage of Adage 150 even though they didn’t make the list being a new site, but at the rate they are pumping out content, I am sure that won’t be for long. I still can’t understand why they host 2 of their blogs on, it is so marketing unfriendly (no ads, bad tracking)

Karl questions why Technorati haven’t come up with something like this already. I agree, though they do provide lots of OPML to help you do it yourself. What Technorati would have to do is provide optional filters for those identified for gaming the system.

Topaz Partners have also written about the Power 150, though they haven’t made the list yet. I hate to say it but one of the reasons is Blogger, because it is so much harder to take part in conversations with other blogs and with your readers even if you use trackback.

What is strange is that this hasn’t made it onto Techmeme. I thought things related to blogging count as technology, and this is a mashup of data from various technology companies.

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  1. says

    Andy, thanks for the mention.

    I can send you my algorithm if you want, I am just not revealing it publicaly to avoid copycats.

    Also, my lists are updated monthly. It is not perfect, but should be good enough :).

    Good analysis.

  2. says

    Great review on the list and finally someone who is linking to the thing on adage, I looked all over for it..seriously

    Upping that pagerank one could jump you up quite a bit

  3. says

    Wow, between everyone on the list writing about the list, and those prominent feed links, this is great PR for you and everyone else :) Congrads! Is it strange that I didn’t know about Seth’s blog? I knew the rest in the top 5 or 10 or so.

  4. says

    Nice article and dissection.

    This is actually the first time my colleagues and I at Topaz Partners have seen the Tech Pr Gems blog dip below 150– we were in the 150 as recently as last week. I suspect they have added more blogs to the mix, or our score has changed– but yes, we agree that Blogger could be a problem– we are moving the blog at some point in the near future.

  5. says

    Andy, how was your blog included in the Top 150 list?

    I would have loved for Dosh Dosh to be included in some way.. it isn’t focused on advertising or search marketing but I do have a fair bit of social media marketing and basic internet marketing/blog-based marketing articles. Hmmmm.. ^_^

    • says

      Glen, I always try to link as much as I can on any story where I feel the coverage needs to be linked to. Adage are already reciprocating in good measure, so I am sure to link a few times more in the future (they were right about it being good for links)
      that is also why I linked through to Daniel’s lists, and I delayed a little for the right opportunity to link through to him.

      Derami, a few people are writing about it, though not as many as I thought. I linked through to the early reactors and I am sure many of those will appreciate it more than when the big guns catch wind.

      Doug there are quite a few new blogs in the list, including mine. Todd vote about this deal 23rd July. I noticed it 27th July, wrote about it with some detailed analysis and Todd kindly added me.
      As I wrote in that article, I had almost requested to be added a couple of times when I had read discussion of it on other blogs such as The Viral Garden and Marketing Hipster.

      I think it might have been noticed due to a story on Sphinn.

      Most of the new blogs added concentrate heavily on SEO/SEM which is still marketing, but a slightly different focus.

      Maki, as above, I am sure there is a chance for you to be included as Pronet Advertising are on the list.
      I am sure you will be above me as well, you must be around 2500 subscribers now.

      I am actually surprised Daniel also isn’t included, because as far as I am concerned blogging is marketing.

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