Precisely Why It Pays To Update Your Sales Pages

Earlier today I read about a new report on Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama over on Marketing Pilgrim, so I thought I would take a look.

The problem is that I am the curious type and tend to click around on the pages I visit, and noticed the Adwords book.

So I clicked through and noticed that the Adwords ebook had a number of bonuses offered, which included the new Yahoo book (which is spiral bound)

Even better, the Adwords ebook is sold through Clickbank – maybe that bonus is to an old ebook? The link is to the current sales page however. @ $75 ($14 cheaper)

I didn’t use a real hoplink but that Clickbank link should work… but wait… I am not sure you would actually get a spiral wrapped book as a bonus, it just doesn’t make sense, especially for a Clickbank product.
You can logically give digital products away as a bonus to hard goods, but the other way around doesn’t work too well.

The original book was “Unauthorized Yahoo Search Marketing Handbook” and was 102 pages
The new book is “Mastering Panama: A Report on Y!SM’s New Platform” and is 96 pages

Update: The guys from Page Zero have moved extremely fast to clear up this confusion and the bonus offer linking through to the new Yahoo handbook has been removed.

Same Book At Two Three Prices

The is actually not just one hole but 2, because there is a link to the publisher inventory on Cafepress on the order page, and curious people tend to click these things…

… and find the exact same book with the exact same description for $66.75, though obviously you don’t get the Adwords ebook with it.

That is a $22.25 saving and more likely to be fulfilled.

This is just a friendly warning notification both to the guys at Page Zero, and affiliates. I would pause any campaigns you might be running on the Adsense ebook until the bonus is made clearer, as sales might be higher, and refunds too.

I realise I could wait and try to notify the Page Zero guys, but by my calculations they won’t make a loss even at the reduced prices, whereas affiliates might, so affiliates get warned first.

I have been informed that the additional item within Cafepress that could be accessed is a very limited time bonus offer that was made to subscribers, and will be removed shortly.

Problems like this do frequently happen on launches. Only recently Mike Filsaime when he launched The 7 Figure Code hadn’t managed to include the bullet points on the sales letter in time, and his server was being hammered so hard he couldn’t actually log on to make a change for a few hours.
My primary concern was for Clickbank affiliates who might have campaigns running promoting the Google Adwords Handbook and what might have happened.

Andrew Goodman was notified within a few minutes of my story going live, and the Clickbank problem which was the biggest concern was rectified within minutes.

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  1. says

    In the past I have received sales emails from internet marketers selling the same product (mostly an ebook) at different prices. Since I wasn’t keen on buying any of those, I didn’t really bother to research the difference in price. Besides an ebook guaranteeing income in millions selling for around $79 does not evoke much confidence in me. If the writer really did know how to make that kind of money, he wouldn’t be sitting here trying to sell cheap ebooks.

  2. says

    Andy, My problem with most sales pages revolve around the multiple prices and seemingly contradictory verbiage that you find in the copy. First it’s $109.00 but valued at $2500, or whatever, then it’s $79.00 and when you finally get to the bottom of the page it’s even lower. I also find the claims they make about what this ebook will do for you outrageously and obviously patently false. I wholeheartedly agree with “Music Recordings'” statement – “If the writer really did know how to make that kind of money, he wouldn’t be sitting here trying to sell cheap ebooks”. Ah, there’s the rub.

  3. says

    Well, as a matter of fact there was not only a third price but a fourth. A friend of mine bought the e book at another price and until I read your post I would have never known that he got rather fleeced. truly nice research…
    readers will definitely save on money with it..