How To Find The Hottest Breaking Stories On Sphinn

We all lead busy lives, and finding ways to optimize our online research is vital for time management.

As the Sphinn user base increases, finding the wheat among the chaff becomes more time consuming.

In the future Sphinn will allow some sort of filtering based upon your friends, but what can you do now to maximise the signal to noise ratio?

The Front Page Of Sphinn

This is an obvious stop, and hopefully it won’t be filled with “made For Sphinn” articles every day.

Sphinn Greatest Hits

Eventually this will contain a superb overview of the online marketing industry, though as Sphinn is still very new, a lot of the current top posts are related to Sphinn.

Sphinn Upcoming Most Popular

I found a gem from Danny Sullivan in a comment and wanted to highlight how much time this can save.

… I strongly recommend scanning What’s New and then resorting it by Most Sphinns So Far:

You’ll quickly find some gems that have been spotted by others over time but yet to pop. Plenty of traction there.

Find An Active Friend

Find a friend who is highly active on Sphinn, and whose judgement of good stories meets your own tastes. For me an ideal choice is Maki from DoshDosh who seems to have taken a liking to Sphinn and visits every day.

Maki’s Latest Sphinns is a great place to find hot upcoming stories that haven’t made the previously mentioned lists.

Top Posts By Category

This is a great way to find the very best content related to your interests, and much more useful than the greatest hits currently.

My favourite haunts are actually in some of the subcategories that are easily missed.

Other Online Marketing – lots of hidden gems
Affiliate Marketing – currently a bit of a ghost town

For social media, I tend to look at the parent group, because I am interested in all the topics which include Blogging and various social bookmarking and news sites.

Categories are also available for latest hits, such as the Google Category that might be of great interest for search industry watchers and pundits. You will find lots of things here that never reach the major news channels, for better or worse.

The Newest Of The New

If you have some time available to sift through the latest submissions, you can find some good content worthy of your attention. I rarely have time to click beyond the first page.

Example Great Stories From 5 Minutes Browsing

What Not To Do With Your Business Blog – Lee Odden on things that annoy him about business blogs. This is something I have been meaning to write about, and Lee saved me lots of time. I agree with every single point he raised.

11 Tips to Enhance Your Digg User Experience (and Hopefully Bring You Front Page Fame) – Tamar is on my Digg friends list, but also on Pownce and Twitter – the strategies she discussses I know she uses, and it has brought her success. It is a shame she didn’t go into more detail on Digg Friends.

Google; “You can put 50+ words in your title tag, we’ll read it” – real unique research is popular on Sphinn and Shawn proves it. This Ethical SEO experiment is also worthy of attention.

Google Wants Feedback on Removing PageRank Score – Tamar gets 2 links in one post but this highlights the fact that Google get involved a lot in online forums, though quite often not their own ([cough] Toolbar Buttons) and this is in relation to the Google Toolbar showing Pagerank.
My suggestion is a gradient scale, maybe involving more than one colour.

I can just imagine someone using a colour picker and saying “My Google rating is somewhere between #FE3 and #d71

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  1. says

    I like Sphinn and ShoutWire right now because they’re so new it isn’t as overwhelming and hard to get noticed on as Digg, for example. It also has a fresh variety of content, as you pointed out with what you found when browsing.

  2. Hair Loss Solution says

    Thanks a lot for the information. Even I had not come across Sphinn all this time. I guess since it’s very new…..
    Cooool I’ll try it today itself.

  3. says

    Good tips Andy. The most popular page is pretty much the second place I check these days after the home page. It’s strange though there isn’t a link to it on the menu?