Web 2.0 Website Promotion

Michelle Macphearson just released her Web 2.0 Traffic Generation Blueprint

I got to skim through this a couple of days ago and need to read it again in more depth and do a lot of planning.

It is free, and well worth downloading.

It is totally different to Stampede Secrets which I reviewed a few months back, or the Authority Black Book which I haven’t reviewed, but I am sure many people have read anyway.

How can 3 ebooks from highly experienced internet marketers on Web 2.0 marketing and traffic generation be totally different, worthy of your time, and in the case of Stampede Traffic, worthy of some cash?

I would look on Authority Black book as a guide to building an authority site with wordpress and promoting it, which is effectively what Jack’s Authority Site Centre is all about, but they build the WordPress sites for you, and trick them out and host them.

Michelle’s Web2.0 Traffic Generation Blueprint is a step by step list of every way she promotes a website. It doesn’t get into possibly complicated decisions about deciding which site might be most appropriate, you end up generating traffic from so many different sources the odds are in your favour that you hit a good source. It should be noted that Michelle works a lot with out-sourcing, and this would be a perfect guide to give to a link builder and say “do this”, and also assign an outsourced writer to work with them.
I suppose rather than creating a mininet, it is more like a “social net” of 100s of interlinked pages on web 2.0 sites & profiles, social bookmarks and news items that eventually lead back to your money sites.

Stampede Traffic is a little more selective – you target the social networks you believe will give you the most traffic and best links, build up credible profiles, and develop “meaningful” communication with other social network users.
In some ways it is also more of an executive “Why are we doing this?” and “How are we doing this?” approach, and gives you some great basics. It is for niche marketers also looking to refine their approach.

All good reads, if you value your time I would read all of them, though I am not sure in which order, probably go for ABB, then Web 2.0 Blueprint, and if you find you need more of the executive overview, in a Marketing Sherpa style report, Stampede Traffic is ideal and extremely well researched.


Lots of well deserved positive feedback on Michelle’s Web2.0 traffic blog

Social Power Linking

Some people prefer their learning in a different media format such as video or audio, though normally video and audio courses published by expert internet marketers are quite expensive because of the cost of production, but quite often because some people can afford to pay well for information that will help increase their existing revenues.

As a companion to this review I have also published a review about Social Power Linking, a new physical product (8 DVDs, 3 Audio CDs) that has just been published by Jack Humphrey’s. For the current price of $149 + $20 shipping anywhere in the world it is exceptional value, and Jack might be taking a massive risk under-valuing his product.
I would love to know what you think about this risky strategy of pricing such a large physical product home study course at such an affordable price.

Take a look at my review of Social Power Linking.

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  1. says

    I will check out the blueprint. You know that nonofollow text is confusing at first. The double negative using the same word made me thing you were for nofollow not against it. At any rate as far as bloggers go you rock.


  2. Tom Paine says

    This is a good post. It gives me the information I was in search of.

    I have a small query – I don’t have any spam pages or websites. Still I am encountered with messages like “possible spam”, “Spam”, and so.

    Do you have any idea why it’s such?


    • says


      One major flaw I spotted is your site doesn’t seem to have any community, because I couldn’t see which posts had comments, if any, and you force registration to comment.

      Oh, and some quick SEO tips – I would also think about using my antisocial version of the Sociable plugin

      You also have some pagination problems

      I am not sure where the problem is with that, but you should maybe look to use my Custom Query String plugin

      Now the interesting thing is that both Tech-Faq.com and entrepreneur-support.com posted a comment at the same time, within a few minutes, and seem to be using the same blog layout and a comment on the same topic.
      I am leaving the questions but I will also remove the links.

      Yes you definitely seem to be spammers, so the name fits perfectly

  3. Jimmy Rockasta says

    This stuff gives the real information one needs. One can feel like reaching the destination.

    I have a query though – Usual sites like dig.com and muti.com declare “spam” when I try bookmarking there.

    I don’t have any spam pages or websites.

    Can you help me regarding this matter?


  4. man from Nantucket says

    Dude if this author knows so much about traffic building, why is her site not even ranked in alexa — ??

    That’s the first thing I’d want to see – an example of something the author accomplished personally as credentials – before downloading such a doc. If she posts such references, it would increase the number of downloads for her ebook by cranky old skeptics like me.

  5. says

    Great link; I’m looking at all available avenues to increase traffic. I improve week by week, but I’m greedy and want more, soon. I hope this helps me out!

  6. Poker Lady says

    Thank you very much! We have been converting and reading, and reading and looking for everything we can find on Web 2.0, it’s a full time job just getting through the hype to the .. what the hell is it ;)

  7. says

    I just downloaded the book and now I can’t wait to read it. Anything that will increase my traffic is worth taking the time to read and try out.

  8. says

    Jen, I could have written something like..

    Yawn… not another ebook on marketing through social networks, there are 10s if not 100s of them.

    I try to highlight the best ones, and if that also means I suggest people try the free ones first, so be it.


  1. Web 2.0 Website Promotion…

    Michelle Macphearson just released her Web 2.0 Traffic Generation Blueprint I got to skim through this a couple of days ago and need to read it again in more depth and do a lot of planning. It is free, and well worth downloading. It is totally differen…