BlogCatalog API Launches

Blogcatalog have just launched an API for programmers giving extensive access to the data contained within both the user profiles and blog profiles.

The BlogCatalog REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API allows the retrieval of public user and blog data based on a set of input parameters. This page outlines the various types of requests that can be executed and provides example requests and responses.

I had a play around with it early today for the first time and a couple of bugs were cleaned up since then and I think developers will find the terms of use fairly unrestricted.

I have actually suggested some additional changes to the terms, so I wouldn’t assume they are set in stone.

I also spotted on the forums that Blogcatalog are giving away free platinum memberships to people who use the APIs creatively.

Other Blogcatalog Changes Over The Last Week

  • You can now search the forums for previous discussions before submitting a question
  • There is no longer a need to provide Blogcatalog a link to identify you as the owner of your blog, this can be achieved with meta tag verification.
  • You can now make modifications to your profiles without having your blog added to the moderation queue of new submissions. (improve those landing pages)
  • The Blogcatalog broadcast system is now available to everyone
  • Blogcatalog now create their own thumbshots for higher quality, and possibly higher reliability

Specific Dislosure – I do some consulting with Blogcatalog on a very much low key, part time basis, though I also give coverage to their competitors and try to remain impartial

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  1. says

    Not a techie so I don’t really understand the benefits of this you say

    API allows the retrieval of public user and blog data based on a set of input parameters.

    Does that mean people will be able to get access to email addresses and send loads of spam? Whats the benefit?

    • says

      e-mail addresses are not public data on BlogCatalog. We have the highest respect for user’s privacy.

      The api allows access to raw user and blog data, such as friends or reviews, that is usually used to program third party applications or widgets

  2. says

    Actually blog catalog not really atractive as mybloglog. I have register it but will not prefer to use it, quite a waste, isn’t it?

    • says

      That really depends on your perspective

      Ultimately it is harder to build up a large community with Blogcatalog because you have to do it proactively, but doing it too fast can result in some kind of penalty in the ratings.
      I do like the autojoin feature of MyBlogLog.

      However having a large community on such sites doesn’t compare to having subscribers and people commenting on your own site.

      Whilst I can’t compare exact numbers, I believe the Blogcatalog userbase is probably now larger than MyBlogLog had at the time of their acquisition by Yahoo for $12M, and the discussion forum is highly proactive.

      p.s. Louiss you have some major problems with your blog. The iframe comments somehow automatically redirecting me to the comments page, and your www version of your domain is a 404 page.
      No wonder you are grey barred in Google.