The One Million [blank] Day

In the realm of Internet & Affiliate Marketing, John Reese with his $1,000,000 Day certainly got his name in the history books, and many others have emulated his achievement.

You can start multiplying the number, or adding zeros, but that is rarely as impressive.

The One Million Link Day

One million links from separate legitimate domains owned by different people

A pretty awe inspiring concept

With the right planning and concept, I do think 10,000 is easily possible within one day, 100,000 would take extreme planning.

Counting Links

These things are hard to quantify from external sources. Yahoo reports almost all links, including those with nofollow, and multiple links per domain.

Google provides only a small sample.

As an example Yahoo currently shows 299,000 links to and Google only 1390 (note those numbers also include internal links)

Such reported links listings frequently list multiple items from the same domains

Ultimately the only way to prove that many links would be to monitor traffic and compile a unique reference internally, that could be verified by external sources.

Some Interesting Thoughts

  • How many pages could be indexed in one day, or one week with that many incoming links? (assume plenty of deep linking)
  • Would you need to maintain momentum and how quickly would any rankings potentially dissipate?
  • With that many links and corresponding traffic, would a site even need to worry about search rankings?
  • Hmm nofollow? The links are about as editorial as Matt Cutts linking to Google, or Robert Scoble linking to Podtech (or Microsoft in the past)
  • Would you warn Google about it before hand? I suppose a bit like an advanced earthquake warning

Still Fishing For Candidates?

I have been fishing for a while now, and have certainly had a few bites. I might have “struck” too early on a few, or for commercial reasons there have been some incompatibilities for early involvement, lets call those fish of a more predatory nature, who will respond better to live bait.

I have passed on a large number of commercial opportunities over the last few months.

I am breaking a number of golden rules, such as K.I.S.S and “Don’t Run Before You Can Walk”, but ultimately I am determined to be a catalyst or driving force in what Guy Kawasaki would describe as a jump to the next curve in both SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Hopefully soon I will have the right CTO.

What Are Other People Up To?

I am glad I am doing something totally different to Brian, I wouldn’t want to be a competitor.
I am not sure what Andy is up to, but whoever his friend is should really do those stats live using an API.
Greywolf has some good commentary on one of Rand’s videos on Wikipedia – yes Wikipedia could rank first for every top keyword, but recent studies show they already rank in the top3 for over 40%.

In fact you could do the opposite. As an example say you were having trouble ranking against one page on Wikipedia. Why not add links to the Wikipedia pages that point to it, thus diluting the link equity that the page you want to rank against receives. You have to ensure that the links are internal so they carry some weight, and that they are relevant.

Even on a self-serving post you should always try to link out a little.

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  1. says

    With the right link bait I think it’s definitely possible. I’m sure it’s already been done. But, call me pessimistic, I would be afraid a million links in one day, or 100,000 for that matter, would raise a bright red flag to Google?

    I know it’s just food for thought though and tasty it is :P

  2. says

    Naturally you can’t control who links to you so it wouldn’t be something to worry about (above commentor), as theres nothing you could do

    I think you would be able to pull some pretty good pagerank and rankings with that amount of links andy

  3. says

    For a minute I thought you were going to start the and hustle your way through to the big number, whilst documenting your life with a film crew from the BBC.

    Actually, if Larry Page ever had a blog?

  4. says

    “Naturally you can’t control who links to you” I think we all know we do control a majority of the links indirectly.

    If you decide to start building links one day, would your links start increasing? Yes. If you stopped worrying about links all together, would they decrease? Yes.

    Of course, if you’re creating awesome info the links are going to come naturally, but when were talking about a million links, most likely it’s indirectly going to be caused by you.

    Also, Google makes it very clear that they favor a “natural” progression of links pointing to any one site. There are many people who believe getting thousands of links all at once will harm your rankings.

  5. says

    I don’t think I need to worry about what would happen if I suddenly got 1,000,000 links in one day. I figure 10 in one day would be a lot for me!

  6. says

    Wow, a hefty thought to think of, no doubt. I can’t imagine the planning it would take to get 1 million in a day. The results though are making me drool a bit.

    We’ll never get there unless we dream big!

  7. says

    I am sure that 1 million links would set off a flag in the google database. however by that point u would allready have a ridiculous amount of money form whatever u are doing so i guess it doesn’t matter

  8. says

    I agree with Josh that the right linkbait and this might be possible, but I’d still have some serious doubts. It just doesn’t seem feasible, but then again – I’ve been proven wrong many times before :).

  9. says

    A million actual links in a day is fairly easy, but not if each domain is counted as just one link, and only one link per owner, otherwise you could just create thousands of splogs.

    A site such as Stumbleupon with their subdomains, or could create 1M domain/owner unique links from what the search engines regard as actual sites to a new service fairly easily.

    Mahalo only had 40 content creators at launch, it should have been 1000+
    What incentive is there to link to Mahalo?

  10. says

    Andy, this post confused me. I am a do-follow blogger. However, if I am discussing an article on Ad Age or another big name site, should I put a no follow on that link? They do not need the link and I wonder if I am hurting my page rank.

    Also, I forgot to tell you on my last comment (9/4) that your favorites gizmo for feeds is showing errors. Is this because you stopped sharing your feeds?

    If you do not have time to answer the no follow question, I will go bother Lucia! LOL

    • says

      I link out to people fairly freely and primarily use nofollow only to control the flow of Google juice around my own site.

      It is hard to give advice for people blogging on blogger because there are so many things difficult to achieve.

      A quick search on Google with the only “loophole” he have to see what is in the primary index shows 44 pages

      That is a search result so I nofollow it

      A normal site search reveals 350 pages, which is probably closer to your total number of blog posts.

      I have 1360 pages in the primary index and Google shows it knows about 1900 in total.

      I could do a lot of work to improve that, and that will happen with my new theme.

      The worst kind of external links are sitewide links in the sidebar that are not necessary, though things in javascript don’t matter as search engines can’t see them (including things like Adsense)

      Linking out without nofollow in posts is a good thing, unless you don’t vouch for the link, such as linking to a nastly blackhat SEO splogger, or to search results, forms with no content etc.
      That is good Karma and good karma gets reciprocated.