Pushing WordPress SEO Boundaries

How many SEO blogs actually write original content?

I am not talking about original words, but original ideas which can be based either on experience from experimentation or what I would describe as reasoned theory?
Experience based on following conventional wisdom just doesn’t count – you only need to read one SEO blog for accepted best practice, it doesn’t really matter which one of the mainstream SEO blogs you choose. You might choose a few more for industry news with differing opinion.

The kind of blogs I love to read are those with substance, even if I can’t fully understand all of them first time around.

Now with that said I am going to highlight a few choice articles.

WordPress SEO Goodness

I am not the only one working with WordPress SEO dynamic linking structures. Here are 2 great examples

Sebastian has recently (thank goodness) switched over to a new domain and a WordPress installation and it seems creating some customized WordPress linking structures.
I haven’t fully worked out the benefits and drawbacks of what he is doing, but it will certainly ensure all his content gets indexed.

Halfdeck discusses SEO for Fun, and in my experience he only writes useful unique content. He uses his blog as a testbed for linking structures and also provides a tool for linking structure analysis.

Dan Thies recently let the cat out of the bag about Google proxy hacking but I actually want to highlight his SEO ebook. It is full of solid information – it gives you a good grounding for some of my more geeky posts that discuss creating such structures with WordPress. (it is free)

It might be a little easier for some people to understand than Revenge of the Mininet (and the bonus dynamic linking ebook) which for the last 10 months I have been strongly recommending. (Also free)

Jaimie is also a SEO worth reading (though he has been taking some R&R due to illness) and wrote the code to fix the proxy hacking – hopefully he will have a WordPress plugin for those that need it soon.

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  1. says

    Your right in that you can get the basic content from many sites and only need one to tell you that info. Ive been experimenting with video recently to try and shake things up a bit, plan to do another 1 tomorrow.

    You can add yourself to the list of being unique Andy :)

  2. says

    Thanks to the link for the SEO ebook. I’m fairly new to this whole SEO process, blogging, etc – and I’m still trying to get a handle on the vernacular used and what it means. Thanks.

  3. says

    You linked to some fairly good articles and have introduced me to new blogs. I thank you for that.

    I do wish you had a better title for this one. I think it could have attracted more readers.

    I always enjoy your posts.

    • says

      I think the title is a lot more useful than “Speedlinking…”

      Other than the ebook which I am sure to mention again, just as I have mentioned Revenge of the Mininet multiple times because it is good, the links are quite technical in nature and fairly specific to WordPress, thus a more technical title, which also adds relevance to all the links on the page for the specific topic.

      If I used some kind of linkbait title for every post, eventually people would get bored of them.

  4. says

    For some reason Google loves my blog. The other morning within a post (not even mentioned in the post title) I mentioned there was a barge fire in North Vancouver that was smelling up the city. Within 30 minutes of publishing my post I was #1 for “barge fire” and “barge fire vancouver”. If only I could use this kind of SEO magic to monetize my blog while keep my original content I’d be golden *sigh*.

  5. says

    Most of my tips are from my readings but I also do a lot of experimentation and share it to my readers when i’ve found it to work.

    Hope you write more post for Blogger users too.


    • says

      There are 2 reasons I don’t write much material about blogger

      1. you can’t do extensive SEO customization unless you are hosting on your own site and using so much PHP you might as well use WordPress

      2. it is sad to say but blogger users don’t take action when I write articles specifically for them, such as how to integrate trackback using Greasemonkey in blogger.

      The best SEO advice I could write for a Blogger users is “How To Move Your Blog To WordPress” and that is something I feel has already been adequately covered by others with more recent versions of WordPress (I covered that before the new importer)

  6. Harvard says

    Dan Thies is a great guy . After I finished reading the “google proxy hacking ” article , I reached this conclusion. And I will download his ebook as well. Thank you for the recommendation ,andy.

  7. Raymond says

    Hello! well I’m not a SEO blogger…mine is more of a finance/money blog. But I understand how difficult it can be to come up with original content sometimes. Many times we are all easily influenced by the writing of others

  8. says

    I’ve recently moved my other blog to wordpress. I still need to familiarize myself with wordpress since I’ve been using Blogger when I’ve started blogging.

    I’ll check your article on how to integrate trackback using Greasemonkey in blogger. Thanks.

  9. Money Blue Book says

    You know what I’ve noticed. I justed started my blog a few months ago but it seems like my old Blogger site pops up more frequently on Google searches. I wonder if Google gives Blogger sites preference since they own Blogger. Just a random thought.

    Nice site BTW…this is my first time commenting


  10. says

    Great post and let me tell you its very simple if you dont update your blog content you will drop in listing a lot. Even if you dont have time just add some RSS feeds to your site and that will help a little bit but not a lot. Well that my one cent. Thanks

  11. says

    I think if people do have something new to write though, then they are more likely to keep it close to their chest. In the SEO world little secrets can be much more valuable when they are exactly that… secret. Personally, I like reading the basics myself and then getting down to some serious experimentation.

  12. says

    Excellent point about unique SEO content. From what I can tell, so much written on the topic tends to be a rehash of something already written; however, that is not always a bad thing.

    Everyone has their own learning style. One explanation might work for one person and fail for somewhere else. In these situations, multiple posts on the same SEO subject really has value.

    While I agree readers only need to read one or two SEO sites to learn what they need to know, having several different SEO specific sites can really help the needs of the masses.

    Hope that makes sense and didn’t drift too far off topic. It’s still kind of early for me on a major holiday weekend. :-)