Are You A Fake Dofollow Blogger?

Not all blogs that write a post about dofollow, link through to plugins, and stick up a Dofollow logo have actually removed nofollow from their comments.

Over the last few months I have rejected over 100 blogs to the No Nofollow / Dofollow community on Bumpzee, and all but about 20 were because they didn’t have nofollow removed correctly from their comments.

Fortunately about 30 of those subsequently either contacted me to have this explained to them, or fixed the problem and then notified me that things were resolved.

Lots of people for some reason don’t get back in touch with me.

Requirements To Join The No Nofollow Community On Bumpzee

These are the requirement on the submission form

This community is for family friendly sites that support the Do Follow, I Follow, No Nofollow movement.
Blogs can be on any subject, but please do not submit blogs with NSFW content.

Please ensure all blogs contain original content, and have comments visible that clearly demonstrate that nofollow has been removed.

Of the 20 sites rejected for quality reasons a few were splogs, one was effectively a single page sales letter, and a fair number were datafeed sites or didn’t have enough original content.

I have also had a couple where their comment system was totally broken

Rejection Message

When people are rejected, they receive the following message

Your blog cannot be included in the community.

Most sites are rejected because they haven’t implemented some form of dofollow correctly, and sites are checked before inclusion.
It is not possible to resubmit after changes have been made to fix a problem.
If you are rejected, fix the “no nofollow” requirement, and then send a personal message to the community administrator for inclusion.

Thank you for your submission.

Some people probably had removed nofollow, but then performed an upgrade to their blogging software and forgot to enable a plugin, or maybe changed theme and forgot to make corrections.

YADL (Yet Another Dofollow List)

There seems to be another Dofollow list making the rounds.

Out of curiosity I visited the blogs linking through, and every single one I checked was on blogspot, and didn’t have nofollow removed correctly.

How To See Nofollow Links At a Glance

If you are using Firefox as your browser, just install the search status plugin which shows nofollow links using CSS highlighted with a pink background.

NoFollow CSS Highlighting

Policing the Neighbourhood

I do visit blogs in the No Nofollow community, in fact I am sure like many members of the community I spend more time on dofollow blogs than any other.

I am actually trying to find the time to do an audit, to ensure that all members continue to comply although it would be appreciated if people performed a self-audit occasionally, because it is easy to forget to switch a plugin back on, or forget to modify a theme after a change.

This is something in your own interests, after all if you display a badge in your sidebar, and it is no longer true, you are deceiving your audience.

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  1. says

    The most recent YADL shows us by Page Rank, from strongest to weakest. I think it’s pretty sad really, even if the list creators say not to spam. That’s entirely the reason the lists are drawn up.

    • says

      What is funny is the PDF, that someone claimed they spent a huge amount of time researching, with around 150 blogs.
      I saw it mentioned on Digital point, and at the time we were approaching 300 blogs in the community.

      Glen, most people have their blogs set up so badly, any “Google Juice” that might be lost from comments isn’t even significant, and that is only one factor that is easily overcome by increased community and thus gaining more links.

      Most comment spammers don’t link through to sites which have some kind of personal information, which is why I make that part of my comments policy.

      Currently someone has to have a lot of comments on my blog to bypass the moderation queue, and that is to prevent email spam and useless comments.

  2. says

    Hi Andy

    I’ve recently started using Lucia’s LinkyLove plugin. I know you’ve got it listed as one of your plugins, but under your definition, does that qualify as “do follow” – i.e. if a minimum number of comments must be left before the dofollow is activated?

    • says

      Hi Meg

      No worries – whilst it is a little harder for me to spot, in general I would recommend that plugin for blogs that actually receive a few comments.

      On a blog that only receives one comment per month, it would certainly be a little bit of an overkill.

      I am open to communication with anyone who is rejected, and often scroll back through months of comments just to find one on many blogs, only to discover that the comments don’t have links, or still use nofollow.

      I think the highest percentage of rejections are on blogspot, and some of those genuinely want to be part of the community, but didn’t implement things correctly, or couldn’t because they are using old blogger still hosted on blogspot.
      Unfortunately in some cases where there is a will doesn’t mean there is a way.

  3. Reztar says

    Hi Andy,

    Just knew how to check the NoFollow links from FireFox. Thanks!
    In deed, it is quite difficult to differentiate who are the sneaky or like you said…. they totally forget to update after upgrading/uploading new template.

  4. says

    Found this blog entry today, and it made me go back and check my plugin, to make sure it was working right. It wasn’t! I don’t get a ton of traffic yet, but I’m a firm believer in the anti-NoFollow movement. I installed the DoFollow plugin, and it cleared things right up. Thanks a lot for the nudge :)

  5. says

    I actually coded in feature that make it fairly easy for Andy to spot Lucia’s Linky Love is in use. You’ll notice the number of comments show next to the comment. Also, if someone is using the “time” feature, the word “new comment” shows.

    When Andy sees these things, he can be pretty sure that it’s LLL being used.

  6. says

    @Matt, I follow links in comments. My reasoning is that often, links in comments are really truly editorial– to third party sites with great information.

    But, I will moderate severely and strip the self promotional links. (And, if they do the “second signature things”, I strip both the link in the name and the one in the comment. Sorry Charlie!

  7. says

    I have had a lot of problems trying to remove nofollow in my blog. I’m not good at HTML but i’m not completely oblivious either. Somehow it just won’t work for me, along with other things on blogger. I think i’m going to switch to wordpress.

  8. says

    Why would anyone go to the trouble of writing about dofollow, installing a plugin and posting a logo NOT remove nofollow from their comments? I don’t get it …

    I’ve learned a lot from reading your blog over the last few months (thank you Andy). I follow links in my comments – I think it’s a great way to show my appreciation for contributing to the conversation.

  9. says

    Hi. I am having a hard time ‘following’ all this follow stuff! I did add the plugin and activated it a few months ago. Would like to join your do follow community, so wanted to be sure I was ‘ok’ and downloaded that tool you suggested. Now pretty much ONLY my name and the social tags are highlighted.. Am I doing something wrong :) ??


    • says

      Andrea it is not really too complicated

      If you let people have links, you will get more comments – some are good, some are just people looking for links.

      You do need to spend a little time to ensure that people aren’t linking to junk sites, and I think most people remove the link if the comment was just “good post”, or if the person used anchor text which wasn’t very relevant to anything on your site.

      There is a great thread on about the ins and outs of what people think are acceptable comments.

      As to removing nofollow, you are good to go, with WordPress it is generally easy but occasionally I have seen problems with one plugin or another not working, and people not realising it, or they had forgotten to switch the plugin on.

  10. says

    Andy, I’ve got no-follow I think on my blogs.. But am I understanding this correctly – The link above in the comment:

    about the ins and outs of what people think are acceptable comments.

    is a no-follow comment? It shows up as a highlight from firefox…? Is that how I can see if something is nofollow? Thanks

  11. says

    Yep, that is exactly how to spot the links

    There is actually a weird bug in the default dofollow plugin from Semiologic that sometimes links get nofollowed anyway

  12. says

    The first plugin I have installed after moving to wordpress is “DoFollow” from semilogic. This was one of the biggest reason I moved from blogger to wordpress – though some people are coming up with blogger scripts to remove nofollow tag – it’s pretty easy in wordpress and I am happy yo join the “DoFollow” wagon.

    I want to pass on the link love, because soon, my blog gonna be PR4-5 in next update as it has gathered 5000+ backlinks in last 3 months. I checked my blog with visual pagerank tool by iWebtool, and it shows all the links with “DoFollow” except advertisement and my own blog internal links like trackback. Can you check it out Andy, and add me into the list if you are perfectly alright with the blog.

  13. says

    Have been seeing more and more blogs actually join the dofollow thing lately, guess I should be doing so as well one day even though I don’t get too many comments. Since I’m currently in the process of kicking in a nice little new look to my blog I’ll go through the list of plugins along and be sure to add dofollow!

  14. says

    I read your post today, and through the majority of comments, and noticed that you recommend using DoFollow for all your links rather then Lucia’s Linky Love plugin for a blog that doesn’t receive many links. So I swapped to the Semiologic DoFollow plugin and I’ll see what happens with the comments that start arriving on my blog.

    I’ll probably start reading many other posts you have now that I discovered your site, maybe even write a review or two.

  15. says

    I have a DoFollow plugin but sometimes, outbound links inside my content have NoFollow on them, but my comments are in DoFollow so even if I use NoFollow in the content but DoFollow in the comments, am I eligible to join the community? or not?

    • says

      Sure, there is no problem using nofollow for other legitimate reasons such as linking to Google search results or Wikipedia ;)

      I use nofollow for lots of other reasons

  16. says

    I think the dofollow/nofollow thing is really getting out of hand. Predictably, some bloggers are using it to hold commenters to ransom. ie: if you want to comment on some post, you have to post about 3 links on your own blog back to them. This is pretty low behavior IMHO. Commenting on someone’s blog shouldn’t come at a price.

  17. says

    Beetlejuice: Who is making people give three links from their blog before letting them leave comments? That’s odd! Most bloggers want comments.

  18. says

    Hi Andy,

    Very good article. I’m sorry if this is out of place but I couldn’t find the correct section that explained what I was looking for; how do I go about getting my personal blog listed on the “dofollow blog list”? The link to my blog which has had the rel=”nofollow” tag stripped is: Grey Viper. Many thanks and I hope I have no disrupted the conversation.


    • says

      I don’t run any dofollow list as such, and don’t actively promote or support dofollow lists, I don’t think they are very useful, though I have been included on a few.

      The Dofollow community I join is fairly easy to join, you just have to join Bumpzee, submit your blog, then join the Dofollow community and submit your blog to the community.
      I go through submissions every few days.

  19. says

    I’m considering adding a dofollow plugin that will only ‘do follow’ for people with a certain number of comments… this would be to cut down on would-be spammers.

    Are these types of blogs eligible for lists?

    Also, how can you tell if someone is dofollowing or not? Do you just have to wait and see if the link shows up in Technorati in a few days? I see the banners, but am fairly certain that at least a few of them aren’t “real” dofollowers because they never showed up on the list of sites linking to me.

    I’ve been looking into dofollow for a while, and think it’s a great idea… just still uncertain about the pagerank rammifications.

  20. says

    Andy, I have try to post on 250 blogs that they mention dofollow, but the result only 50 blogs that allow dofollow. 50/250, or 20% of the list are dofollow. What a sad news for us.

    Anyway, thanks for your stand on dofollow, but I still cannot get why 200 bloggers “lie” about dofollow.

  21. Claire says

    I “hope” that I made my blogger blog dofollow today. I would really hate to get tagged as a fake, but the code on the instructions that I found was not identical to the code in my template. I deleted what I thought was right and my fingers are crossed that I did it correctly because I don’t want to get rejected by Bumpzee or lose the trust of other bloggers!

  22. says

    You sir are doing a great service…I found myself going through other peoples lists as well and shaking my head…my personal list is now 100 times more accurate than theirs. They need to be checked regularly and held accountable. I commend you and look forward to more updates.

  23. The Nanny says

    Why people would lie about dofollow is to get you to create content on their site for free. It’s very web 2 but it ain’t honest! Better and more related content than the next guy will, loosely speaking, get you ranked higher in the search engines so, if you’ve got a money-making site, it’s very much in your interest to get people to leave thematically-related comments on your site as much as you can. I blog myself occasionally, on my music site, I won’t tell you where as I don’t have the content I want to sell on it yet, but when I do, I’ll be nofollowing that blog and adding it to all the lists. OK, I know I’ll have to be checking for outright spam comments but if you want to make a little money you have to be prepared to do the work.


  24. says

    I had recently remove nofolow in comment and backlinks, when i browse my blog and view the source code then seach for word “NOFOLLOW” it’s still there (NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW) and there is no way to remove it. It’s confusing me.

  25. says


    Some blogs have a doFollow plugin but usually requires more than one post for the noFollow to be removed. Are these considered as doFollows?

  26. says

    Thank you for putting up this information. I had no idea this do-follow movement was so well developed. I just installed the search status plugin. I use Opera about 99% of the time, but I can see where I’m going to have to split it up more with Firefox. Now I’ll go join your No Nofollow community on Bumpzee (which I had never heard of before). I think I’ll subscribe to your rss too before I leave — very informative.

  27. says

    Hello Andy,

    I just now changed all the “You Comment, I Follow” images on our site to point to this page. I had noticed that you mentioned it would be nice were people to drive some traffic to your site. A worker deserves his wage. You’re doing a community service. You’re helping to differentiate the spammers from the people who want to make legitimate comments and increase the networking of their ideas.

    Hope the link-changes on our site results in some reciprocation for you; although, it’s obvious that there’s a very strong element of “labor of love” in what you’re doing here with the No NoFollow Movement.

    REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH & Christian Commons Project

    Tom Usher

  28. says

    Wow, its really sad that people apply to be on a nonofollow list and they still dofollow.

    If people are that tech-savy, I’d expect them to be know that Andy is smart enough to check them out before adding them.

  29. says

    Andy, I have the BUMPzee no nofollow list as my #1 site at – thanks for helping to make it that way!

    I noticed that a good portion of the DoFollow blogs that I post to still have the nofollow tag. To correctly remove this tag, can the nofollow attribute still be in the html? And, the plug-in, then overrides the nofollow. Is this a possible technique?

  30. says

    I have just installed the “NoFollow Free” plugin on my blog, it works great so I can only recommend it.
    Now I’m also a part of the DoFollow family :-)

  31. says

    I have a directory with dofollow sites and I check every site what is submitted there. And the main problem is with a**holes who disable dofollow plugins after are accepted in directory … I even see sites who have banners with “U Comment, I Follow” but with nofollow tags in their comments :( . So is a hard fight with this fake dofollow blogs.