Bloglines – Why You Should Test Out The New Beta

Here is a link to the new beta version of Bloglines

Lots of tech blogs are talking about it, but there is a good reason that they all talk about new feed readers, and it is not just because it is newsworthy.

Every time they talk about a new blog reader, and a chunk of their readers test it out, even on the short term, they get more readers counted in Feedburner.

Bloglines readers are also counted for many monetization programs such as Text Link Ads and ReviewMe, to rate your blog or set the pricing.

The most popular blogs also benefit from default RSS subscription packages for “technology” or “political” blogs.

Techcrunch might have 100x more readers than me, but not 400x

The additional 75% of their readership comes from default subscription packages.

The rich get richer.

So go an test out Bloglines beta today

I would welcome any new bloglines subscribers, even if you don’t stick to it

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  1. says

    It does not seem like it will ad up. They already have our feeds there (for those with an account). I don’t like it, I love the actual font and I am soon going to hate ajax if they are to impose i on us.

    • says

      It doesn’t apply for existing people reading feeds primarily with Bloglines.

      There is currently an inequality with quantity of Bloglines subscribers for newer bloggers because so many use Google Reader.

      A few hundred new Bloglines subscribers, as this is quite new blog actually makes a significant difference in a number of ways, such as ranking on the Advertising Age Power150 I wrote about recently.

      Just as bloggers can leverage their readership to launch other blogs, or exchange links backwards and forwards to gain subscribers, or even a simple thing like guest blogging, so encouraging use, even temporarily of a new feed reader is useful.

      For years email marketers have exchanged promotions with each other, growing their subscriber base.

      • says

        Yeah, I realise that afterwards.
        One problem with bloglines is that they don’t aggregate the different feed urls. I have still a few using my “natural feed”, the latest are with feedburner and I have no idea if they are adding the new url I got with Feedburner MyBrand (but I couold check my stats at Fb). Hope not :-)

  2. Tinu says

    Oh, that’s right, I DO have a Bloglines account, LOL… I have subscriptions in so many places… but ironically these days, if I don’t have you in Google Reader, I’ll probably forget you. Even then, you have a lot of competition… But if we’re linked in Facebook… you might not be able to shut me up. ;)

  3. says

    I tend to neglect my bloglines account if I’ve been away for a few days…The posts are just too many to keep up with. I think I need to thin the herd a bit. But…I’ll head over there now and check out the beta…and of course add you to my list.

  4. says

    Just wanted to say that I am not a fan of the new bloglines beta. I don’t like people messing around with the way my RSS feed reading habits look, act, and feel. I am just weird that way. On the flip side, kudos to them for trying to bring about a better user experience. (I hope they’ll allow me to keep my “old” look)

  5. says


    I finally switched from the Google Reader to Bloglines today. Wanna check it out. Just curious if you know or not, does bloglines use “nofollow”. I couldn’t find it in their source code.

    They have a PR8. I was wondering if they’re passing link juice to every new subscriber who enters their own blog feed.