Technorati Favorites – Interesting New Message

Many people with lots of favorites in Technorati might have noticed that for the last month or so that Technorati were not displaying them, and thought that for some reason their account might have been banned.

I think one of the problems was that Technorati created some great features that no one was really using extensively for managing OPML in interesting ways, and then with various methods of exchanging Technorati favorites, and my suggestion to import opml into Technorati favorites, the system might have become slightly overwhelmed.

If a legitimate blogger like Robert Scoble can read 100s or even 1000s of blogs, then importing 1000 blogs as favorites into Technorati shouldn’t be looked on as a bad thing, which is why I suggested doing that in the first place rather than wasting a huge amount of time running around between blogs requesting to exchange Technorati Favorites.

Over the last couple of days the Technorati Favorites and WTF were taken offline for maintenance and now there is a new message displayed.

My Favorites
We know you have a lot of favorites, we apologize that we aren’t able to show them.

There is a known bug where the favorites feature is disabled for accounts with a large number of favorites. We are currently working on this and hope to have this resolved within the next few weeks. In the meantime, you should still be able to view your tagged favorites. Please note that your favorites are not lost. They just cannot be displayed. Thus, when the fix is in place, you should be able to access your favorites again. Thanks for your patience!

It should be remembered that Technorati purchased PersonalBee back in April, and nothing currently has been done with integration.

There is no mention of what changes might be taking place, but hopefully Technorati will continue to expand the way that OPML data can be used to customize your browsing experience.

I still use the meme based upon my Technorati favorites on Megite which covers stories from over 800 blogs most of which would never appear on Techmeme.

Unfortuantely with Technorati favorites in the current state, I am not in a position to include more people in it, though as soon as they fix their Technorati favorites, I will be adding people just by reciprocating Technorati favorites.

There was previously a bit of a blogstorm over this, I am sure when the Technorati favorites system is fixed there will be another one.

OPML is meant to be used, and not just by geeks.

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  1. says

    I look forward to see it back.

    I will try to add you in the meantime.

    If you see, could you reciprocate once is back working.


  2. says

    Technorati did not show my favorites for much longer period of time than on month. I say it close to three months now. After the favorite exchange “rush” created by Maki’s experiment and using the OPML trick for a shortcut I planned to clean up the favorites, but never was able to. It is nice to know that they are working on fixing the bug.

    • says

      I too used OPML to uplink a list of Technorati favorites in the wake of Maki’s and others’ Technorati trains. Two out of 880 blogs ever favorited me back.

      I am now gradually reducing the list to the 200 that Technorati now says it can handle. I can get access and load my favorites–and delete them, or delete and bookmark ones I like or might like–by doing the following:

      On my home computer, which is perpetually signed in to Technorati, I type in . My history list will show Using the history list doesn’t work, and all the messages you mention come up. No adding or deleting is allowed, etc.
      Clearing the URI back to faves/ sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

      There are two kinds of “favorites” pages. One is a simple listing, and one is a virtual RSS Reader of the favorited blogs. The method I use requires working one’s way through the favorited blogs, reader style. That is actually a nice Technorati feature that means one doesn’t obliviously delete a blog that would be fascinating, like yours.

      Using this method I have gone from 880 faves from the OPML I uploaded, to 518 or so, a little more than half way. I’m deleting your blog from my favorites, and putting it in my bookmarks, because there are so many posts in your blog and others that I like that they clog the first seven pages of my virtual reader. I want the felgercarb to bubble up, so I can delete it heartlessly. ;-}

      I run a niche blog that deals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Please feel free to link to me or favorite me (if you can), whether through conscience or interest.

  3. says

    Technorati has great features. However, too often, those features fail to perform as well as they should. I still find them the best blog search for many searches (sometime Google is ok). I hope Technorati is able to improve the performance so that features can work more effectively than have been.

  4. says

    I am really hopeful with the change in management at Technorati that things might improve soon, because I too have been very frustrated with Technorati recently.

    In fact they seemed to keep losing my favourites, I have more than 200 there, and from time to time I visit and it tells me I have no favourites. Considering the amount of time I took visiting all my favourite blogs and making them into favourites, I found this hugely insulting. :(

    This is a better message at least, it’s reassuring to know they aren’t lost but it should have been done ages ago – it would have saved me a few panic moments at least. But as I type this I do have favourites there, so I’m not sure why this seems to be an intermittent thing.

    My favourites may come and go as far as Technorati is concerned, but they are still my favourites in my heart, I guess!