Niche Marketing Opportunities – Wikirage & SquidWho

This is one of those days when an opportunity falls right in your lap, and you wonder whether you should really write about it and keep the information to yourself.

Then again I am one of those caring people who really does like to provide some useful information.

First of all Seth Godin launched a new aspect to Squidoo today, SquidWho – meant to be like a who’s Who section of Squidoo, but effectively you are building a Squidoo page with a slightly different template and is like building a fan page, with the income meant to go to charity, but I think you might be able to change that.
Initial creation is almost fully automated. I am not sure whether the “fan page” creator was available before and they just rebranded, but it is useful.

So we are just looking at a Squidoo lens about someone, there must be more to this..


Wikirage is a new site monitoring the content on Wikipedia that is being changed fastest – fresh content

So you could go to Wikirage and grab names or topics that are being changed frequently and using Squidoo import the information.

Then you need to add in a few feeds and maybe find a couple of images

Google Trends

Google Trends has been available for a while, so it is quite interesting comparing which Wikipedia articles are being edited the most, and which topics are currently hot on Google.

There isn’t a huge amount of similarity, but you could easily build up quite a portfolio of lenses with very little effort.

I suggest doing a bit of extra effort to get some more unique information, but using these 2 sources for keyword research could allow you to test out some niche ideas on Squidoo that you could then develop further on your own domains.

p.s. for reputation management make sure you knock something together quickly for yourself as well.

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    Using Wikirage to search for fresh content to use for your Squidoo pages is golden. Nice tip that can be used to get 2nd spot to Wiki. But…now the cat’s out of the bag.

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    When you titled the “Squidwho” I thought it was an article about the decline of Squidoo in Google. Anyway, I can’t wait to check out this new feature :)

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    I just came across SquidWho today as well. For no-names like me :) the automated page creation will need to be edited just about 100% Great new resource though, I really like it.

    In regards to your comments on Google Trends. I just wrote about Google’s “hot trends” in my blog. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it yet or not, but it’s pretty neat.

    I believe it was just released a couple months ago.

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      I actually linked through to the hot trends daily view.

      Here is an example SquidWho I just made using the #1 hot trend search term for today/yesterday – Fabrice Santoro

      It pulled in some reasonable data, though not the full Wikipedia page even though I increased the number of characters to 6000 from the default 600

      Most of the time was spent deleting boxes that didn’t have any information.

      I did check Flickr, but no photos were available that could be used commercially.

      Total time invested about 10 minutes

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