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I spend a fair amount each day on Facebook these days, and in part there are 2 people to blame, Sherman Hu and Tinu Abayomi-Paul.

Sherman has launched an excellent Beginners Guide To Mastering Web Basics group on Facebook

Unlike most Facebook groups, Sherman has already uploaded some real juicy video content.

Aug 30, 2007 Thurs: Uploaded 15 Videos (Web Publishing Basics:601 Series)
Tip: Look for this starting video: “Web Publishing | 601.1 – Quickstart | 03’15”

Aug 28, 2007 Tues: Uploaded 9 Videos (Graphics Basics:501 Series)
Tip: Look for this starting video: “Graphics Basics | 501.1 – Quickstart | 01’27”

Aug 24, 2007 Fri: Uploaded 8 Videos (Sourcing Stock Photography: 401 Series)
Tip: Look for this starting video: “Stock Photography | 401.1 – Quickstart | 00’47”

Aug 23, 2007 Thurs: Uploaded 10 Videos (FTP: 301 Series)
Tip: Look for this starting video: “FTP | 301.1 – Quickstart | 01’11”

Aug 22, 2007 Wed: Uploaded 14 Videos (Hosting: 201 Series)
Tip: Look for this starting video: “Hosting | 201.1 – Quickstart | 02’14”

Aug 21, 2007 Tues: Uploaded 7 Videos (Domain Registration: 101 Series)
Tip: Look for this starting video: “Domain Registration | 101.1 – Quickstart | 01’01”

We have videos on these topics:
– Domain Registration
– Hosting
– Transferring Files (FTP: File Transfer Protocol)
– Sourcing Stock Photography
– Editing Graphics with Macromedia Fireworks
– Creating Simple Web Pages with Macromedia Dreamweaver
– Locating creative, graphics and templates
– Setting up your first WordPress blog
and many more…

Tinu recently has also launched a group on “sharing

Open For Web Business
Internet & Technology – Websites
Let’s commit to more sharing of resources, links, and contacts for the benefit of all. Teach or learn the science of web traffic through sharing. Be Collaborative, Open, Transparent, Social – and Celebrate it!

A few days ago I was chatting to Tinu about her new ebook “The Complete Facebook UnHyped Networking for Traffic PDF Guide” and she offered to setup a special offer for my readers, as she is a regular herself.
I actually declined, not because I didn’t feel the book would be a valuable resource to many of my readers struggling to work out what all the fuss is about Facebook, and how to go about profiting from it, but because it takes a fair amount of work to setup a special landing page, and I didn’t think sales would justify the effort.

Tinu is constantly researching and networking on Facebook, and has had some reasonable results, and made some great contacts. Whilst you might not think it is important, the ebook places a great emphasis on applications – not the ones that annoy the hell out of you when every one of your friends invites you to join, but the ones that will help drive traffic back to your primary website, preferably a blog.

Currently at 82 pages, it is a solid read for beginners, and there are a couple of tips in there for more experienced users that they might have missed, plus a useful contact for a discount on Facebook application development (yes, Tinu has been doing some effective networking)

She also gives good reasons why you might not want to jump on the Facebook application bandwagon too soon.

The most valuable benefit of the package is most certainly one of the bonuses, consulting time with Tinu.
Part of Tinu’s business has been analysing web traffic methods for years and you get to pick her brain.

The ebook might not contain a huge amount of information for well networked, Web2.0, social media marketing experts, but then again most of the “social media marketing experts” are not internet marketing trained.

One of the problems with most articles about Social Media Marketing is that the practitioners have very little experience with traffic funnels, so whilst they might know how to get traffic from Digg, they might not have experience in converting that traffic into subscribers and customers.

I think Tinu’s lifetime updates to her ebook are going to be interesting, because she looks on social media as a way to generate subscribers and money, not just a few links.

The backdoor discount ;)

Sherman is building up a notification list for Facebook Marketing information which will be well worth signing up for and as a special incentive he has a special offer available on Tinu’s new ebook for those that sign up.

I am not making any money at all linking through to Sherman’s new email list, or his excellent Facebook group, and neither Sherman or myself are making any money from Tinu’s ebook.

I have benefited from both Sherman’s and Tinu’s information in the past, and want you to benefit as well.

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  1. says

    Thanks for great pointers, Andy!

    Just joined the Facebook generation two weeks ago, and your links are an excellent addition to my groups.

  2. says

    I joined Facebook recently because of their growth and popularity, but upon signing up, they look totally different from Myspace…

    How the heck are you suppose to make money off of Facebook? It look like you can only add friends you know, unlike Myspace.

  3. Tinu says

    LOL… I’m to b l a m e – can’t wait to telll Sherman! Thanks for the mention, man. We’re keeping that door open a little longer because we were down for 90 minutes yesterday. The special was supposed to be over today.

    • says

      Well hopefully Sherman has seen in his stats, a fair few seem to have clicked through on the blog, I hope a few more from my feed.
      You are welcome to the promotion

  4. says

    I like facebook but it is very adictive and I always have some work that needs doing. I put the blmae on facebook, for me getting told off so much

  5. says

    Andy I agree with your comments about Tinu’s Facebook Un-Hyped. I have spent the past few months mastering Squidoo and I had avoided FaceBook. I am really grateful that I purchased Tinu’s ebook otherwise I would have been lost on FaceBook. It is a very useful guide and helps you to work your way through the maze. The great fringe benefit is being able to network with Tinu and Sherman Hu …as they are much more accessible on Facebook. I have also re-connected with Jinger Jarrett there. So one of the great benefits of Facebook is to link to people who are incredibly resourceful and generous (as you have shown in your psot).

  6. says

    I agree with Tinu, facebook is just so addictive! If I have recreation time, facebook eats it all. The Apps ar just so cool and having connections with long time friends which I haven’t seen, etc. Thanks for the insight andy, now I can at least make good use of facebook now!

  7. says

    I actually found the facebook group’s stock photography to be of excellent use. Thanks, I’ll have to check out her facebook marketing guide. cheers