MyBlogLog With Yahoo Logins & Mosaic Of My Community

Lets start with the mosaic, as writing about it has been on my “to do” list for a few days.

Maurizio is a regular reader and talented programmer has come up with a great idea for community appreciation, a community mosaic.

I know this has taken him a great deal of time to accomplish, because he first of all asked me for a high resolution photo over a month ago.

First of all here is a baby version of his amazing mosaic

Andy Beard Mosaic

If you want to see the full size version you will have to click through to see the full community mosaic in all it’s glory.

The mosaic is all live links (no nofollow) so I am giving my whole community a link (it is over 1000 people now)

He has actually done a whole collection

I decided to create mosaics of the blog I read the most, so after John Chow and Darren Rowse, here are Paula Mooney, Jeremy Schoemaker, Andy Beard, Michael Arrington and Richard Cunningham (In no particular order other than “ladies’ first” :) ).

Note: I was the one to add nofollow to John Chow

MyBlogLog & Yahoo IDs

MyBlogLog will soon be moving over to Yahoo IDs

I am a little worried about one part of the announcement

Now you can choose to keep your current name, use your Yahoo! name or even change your screen name completely. And, no longer can only one person be a name. If you want to be Sam, regardless of whether or not there is already a Sam, you can still be Sam. Nicknames can be changed at will, and nicknames, just like in real life, can be shared by many people. No more ‘Change Screen Name Verified nonsense… Reinvent yourself as often as you like!

Currently I have a nice clean profile that many people have linked to directly in the past, and has a highly relevant URL.

For reputation management they are my 3rd and 4th listing for a search on “Andy Beard”, and the URLs look reasonably attractive.

Those attractive URLs could soon change to some kind of user number (more scalable) especially if people will be able to change username at will under Yahoo IDs.


Ian Kennedy has already responded in the comments to address my concerns in the comments.

Hi Andy,

Rest easy, all URLs will remain the same and cannot be changed. Your screen name is not tied to that URL.

Ian Kennedy
Product Manger, MyBlogLog

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  1. says

    Thanks for the appreciation Andy.
    Don’t worry that you mispelled my name, it happens every time (on internet). I should probably change it that way :-)
    I should probably call myself Maurizyo or Maurizzyo which should be more easy to remember for english speakers. :-)

    Anyway about MyBlogLog, I think another annoying part will be the complete integration of both sites if you don’t want to. I have a yahoo user and the last thing I want is to see my Yahoo information on MBL. Imagine if you have a work email on Yahoo and you don’t want to use it with MBL. If both services are tied together, you have to logoff from one to access the other. And with MBL will be a real pain because you need to be logged in to surf and leave traces.
    (If they change urls I should rewrite my mosaic creator app. too :-) )

    • says

      Maurizio, sorry for the spelling mistake, I had it almost right but should have checked. On a similar note, I now have a page optimized for “Andreas Beard”
      I actually use the Polish spelling of my name on Wikipedia

      I actually have a Flickr pro account but I never use it because they didn’t reply to me regarding an exact interpretation of “commercial use” and “web graphics”

      I use a lot of screenshots which are not really web graphics.

      I see lots of bloggers with 10,000 or more subscribers using Flickr for screenshots on their advertising supported blogs.

      Sometimes it would be more convenient to upload things to Flickr

      • says

        They will never reply about this kind of things. The EULA is just a weapon they must have to protect themselves. I think those big companies would pay to have 100% of their users infringing the EULA for small stuff. This way they are 100% protected against any kind of problem. That’s more or less the reason big companies have 1000s of stupid patents; to protect themselves against other companies. Of course the dumb thing about patents is that there are patent-companies that have only patents thus making impossible for them to be caught on doing something against someone else’s patents.

        Flickr could probably exchange those pictures randomly and they couldn’t complain. :-)

  2. says

    Creating a yahoo account is a nightmare. Yes you get the stupid email address with it but for someone like me who maintains a public face and a few private ones this is going to be a ‘marishly difficult collection of not easy to use and quick to expire accounts. There is no way I’m going to keep up. Already I no longer use flickR and while I doubt they give a toss about a tiny user like me I am sure I’m not the only one. It was the same with blogger. I have an account (many actually) but I simply can not be bothered with all that email address rubbish. It totally breaks my method for remembering user names and associated passwords and I leave. A large case of goodbye and thanks for the fish.

  3. says

    Hey Andy –

    That is one beautiful mosaic Maurizio created.

    I’m eager to put mine up.

    I wish I could put it on my blog’s homepage.

    Either way, thanks for this post spotlighting Maurizio and all his talents. I pray it brings him lots and lots of hits and readers and everything.


    • says


      In theory you should be able to use it on Blogger, it is just an image plus html that could be used inside a post.

      What you would probably have to do is create a backdated post, say in 1990 so that not everyone has access to it unless they click through.

      Then you just strip out the html imagemap data to include in your post and upload the image.

      It might end up a little wide for your theme. If t does you could opt to create a new blogger blog and link through to it there.