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I haven’t mentioned FreeIQ up until now, I actually have some mixed opinions about it, and until I have those sorted out in my own mind, I am not planning to do a full review.

However today actually marks quite a significant landmark, what I believe is a major step forward in their content delivery plans.

Premium Digital Content Delivery Platform

FreeIQ provides a digital content delivery platform and affiliate market place, and up until now, everything I have seen available was quite “low end” or small scale products intended for very much a small niche market.

I recently mentioned that I purchased a ticket to go to The World Internet Main Event, but I won’t actually be attending, I purchased for the bonuses.

However the content is going to also be available via the internet, delivered through the FreeIQ platform and available to conference ticket holders free of charge.

What is more, they have just announce that the conference will be available separately for quite a reasonable one off fee, also through FreeIQ, and will actually be available just one day after the event.

That isn’t quite a live broadcast, but is very ambitious for what I am sure will be very useful content.

If you are looking for a way to deliver premium content recorded at an event without having to worry about the technical problems of setting up a membership site to deliver the content and some really solid server infrastructure just to handle the load, with the bonus of having access to thousands of affiliates, I think FreeIQ will probably turn out to be a very viable platform.

Take a look at the Digital Version of The Internet Marketing Main Event

One Of The Problems With FreeIQ

I would like to call this “viral separation”

As an affiliate I am provided with videos I can embed in my site.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Here is the code for the default video

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">var FObringmetheworld = {movie:"",width:"480",height:"338",majorversion:"7",build:"0",bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", flashvars:"playlistURL=|160214ad&autoplay=false" }; UFO.create(FObringmetheworld, "fobringmetheworld");</script><p id="fobringmetheworld"><a href="">Get the Flash Player</a> to see this player.</p>

Here is the code from my landing page.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">var FObringmetheworld = {movie:"",width:"480",height:"338",majorversion:"7",build:"0",bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", flashvars:"playlistURL=|68682ab&autoplay=false" }; UFO.create(FObringmetheworld, "fobringmetheworld");</script><p id="fobringmetheworld"><a href="">Get the Flash Player</a> to see this player.</p>

For the observant among you, there is a difference in the code, thus the video I show is somehow linked with my affiliate account.

The video player however doesn’t seem to have a link to visit the sales page for the premium content, I have to provide that manually.

When someone visits the page, they can also pick up the video (with my link) to share on their blog, but there is nothing forcing them to also use the separate link through to the page, and within the player there is no link to encourage a visit.

As a content producer, I would love my affiliate to be able to provide my free content on their sites, and if visitors decide to share it, it shouldn’t require a visit to the site.
In addition, for further information, I shouldn’t need to provide a manual URL, it should be included in the player automatically.

I know why this might be the case, the manual links pass link juice back to FreeIQ, however that is to the affiliate’s own landing page, so they benefit.

However there is nothing preventing more code to be inserted, not just the javascript, but insert a real link as a caption below the video automatically, and possibly also include a noscript link back to the affiliates home page link or favorites as defined in their preferences.

It is possible to gain the SEO benefits whilst still maintaining a “Butterfly Effect

LOLCats Marketing


I have mentioned using smart linking within javascript widgets in the past, such as used by Bidvertiser and Technorati using noscript.

I Can Has Cheezburger do something very similar with their attribution for images, that is very simple. Their images are hotlinks

<a href=""><img src="" alt="128297925696563750tehcloningmach.jpg" /></a>

The thing they don’t do very well is alt tags so they only rank for very few phrases, because the links from images pass very little SEO value, and their posts have very little content. Then again, they don’t really need SEO traffic, and they will always rank for searches on their own brand.
They could improve the viral nature by including a self-replicating viral link

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  1. says

    Hey, Andy!

    As you know, I started working at Free IQ recently. We’re just about to release an updated video player (as in, my colleague is preparing the deployment package as I type this comment). The new player will be a big improvement on the old one, and does address some of your points. We’ll likely be making iterative releases which improve the player and the default embed code in the near future.

    As far as the affiliate id for the embed goes, are you using the “direct publishing” feature to automagically treat all links referred to Free IQ from your site as affiliate links?

  2. says


    Just thought I’d let you know we’ve recently released a few improvements to the Flash player itself, and the affiliate linkage.

    The improvements to the player are immediately visible, since those are fetched dynamically from the source. The newest feature is a ‘high-water mark’. Basically, if you leave a video in the middle, it will track how far into the video you were. When you return to the page, you’ll see a line on the ‘scrub bar’ showing your highest point of progress. There are move improvements in the pipe, and some of them are really going to be nice.

    Also, if you create an affiliate link to a video, the embed code will be linked to your affliate code, not just to the original content provider. (you might need to reload before grabbing the embed code if you’ve just created a new affiliate link, due to the ajax… I’ll have to fix that)

  3. says

    There actually seems to be some problems (even new ones) still at least with my version of Firefox ( – I need to update to .9

    The stop and pause are not working, and the embed codes still seem to not be usable.
    The worst bug seems to be once you play with the widget, you don’t seem to be able to always get keyboard use back until I refreshed the screen. I could use the mouse to move my cursor to the comment box here on the blog post, but I couldn’t type anything – at least that happened a few times, it might be confusing for users.

    The author clicks seem to set an appropriate cookie, but hopefully if a video is shared from an affiliate’s site, the cookies are also transferred.
    I am not sure if that cookie was set based upon my site being registered as a referral source.

  4. says

    I am very excited about your program EXCEPT I haven’t been able to watch any of the videos. I tried two different computers, I have the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Flash all loaded and no deal. I have no firewall. I can watch YouTube, Netflix but not yours.

    I want to sign up for the program but if I can’t watch the videos I can’t do it. I’ve had top listings on all the major search engines for my keywords for 9 years now and do a nice little business with a product we own. I’d like to get into Web 2.0 because it’s now time.

    Your program with Don looks great but not if I can’t see the videos. And I can’t find a support link.


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