Top Make Money Online Blogs

Lists to resources are quite often more useful than a single website reference and Mark at 45n5 has created a list of the top Make Money Online blogs.

What I especially like is that he hasn’t just included those that include the keywords in the title and in the title of almost every single post thus there are a lot of sites that specialise in affiliate marketing, blogging, ppc etc

Mark is quite a good programmer, thus I expect him to probably start including other ranking factors that he can pull down using various APIs to make the list less subject to manipulation, and constantly updated.

There might eventually be a need to start categorizing blogs

I have actually been playing around in the background on something similar, but not specific to this particular niche.

Unlike how people have tried to rank for this hotly contested phrase over the last few months, with various review my blog antics, Mark has done something really smart and created a resource list that 100s of sites can benefit from, and will encourage natural linkage… great linkbait and the link is well deserved.

(if you are in one of the related niches, get yourself included as I have already seen some traffic and I don’t think any of the larger blogs on the list have written about it yet)

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  1. says

    Some of the other lists are only 25 sites, so that is still quite a few, and Mark is happy to add more.

    I was also included on Daniels Top25 Blogs About Blogging but not his SEO list, and I am still in the Top50 of the Adage Power150 which has 300+ blogs now.

    Mark isn’t currently including things like subscriber count but I am sure he will in the future as I feel that is a better indication than Technorati

  2. says

    thanks a million for the mention andy.

    if you are playing with the api’s I found the alexa one to be extremely easy to use, REST and all.

    the only downside is they charge some goofy small amount per query, something like .000015 cents.

    As for only 60, I will hopefully be adding more each day.

    And to the note about the three current metrics, I do plan on upgrading the ranking eventually, I thought I would put something out there and get some initial feedback first (it has been great) and build from there, plus I might like to add my own, like user voting etc. but I went for K.I.S.S and just showed it off as is.

    thanks again for the link and mention.


  3. says

    Good find Andy. I always find these agregation services very useful. I’m no programmer, but if I was I would do one for SEO blogs.

    Will have to keep an eye on this chap.

  4. Shopping Betty says

    Using blogs to promote niche sites is a great way to make cash.

    The niche sites don’t have to have allot of pages either. Just Original content, and written fairly well.


    • says

      Very true betty, but don’t expect to get links to affiliate datafeed sites commenting on my blog.
      Sticking a dofollow badge on a blog with all the comments closed just so you can get on Dofollow lists also isn’t a great idea, as it is easy to spot.

  5. says

    My blog is currently placed on #47. I have just started about 3 months ago and I’m already going really good. I just need a PageRank and I’ll boost myself up to the top 20 (which is my goal by the way in the next few months).

  6. says

    Thanks for the link and congrats on grabbing #6. I had to request that mine be added, is that bad lol

    Anytime a list of Websites is rounded up and ranked, there will be flaws. Especially when so many of the rankings can easily be altered. I agree though that RSS subscribers should have more weight than the others. The way feedburner does it makes it a little harder to manipulate, although it’s still possible.

  7. says

    Solid and deadly. The whatever life girl is really making some serious cash. I mean, she must have a lot of backup and support from people that work on her site and optimize it for keywords. I think to really be successful a team is important. it keeps you motivated and helps to keep you pumped about what you are doing.

  8. says

    Congrats to Andy Beard for making the list.

    What I especially like is that he hasn’t just included those that include the keywords in the title and in the title of almost every single post thus there are a lot of sites that specialise in affiliate marketing, blogging, ppc etc

    Yes, I agree. I think there is room for this list to grow and to become more specialized. I can see a top 100 list on affiliate marketing and on PPC, etc. Great idea!

  9. says

    Great list indeed!

    Congrats Andy for making the top 10.

    I have a simple question.I see John Chow as #2 and John Cow as #30. Any relationship between the two i.e. Is John Chow == John Cow?

    • says

      Sometimes it is hard to tell which is the parody site, though I find more “meat” on the hoof and you should milk it for all it is worth ;) (yes puns intended – if you read it, you will understand)

  10. says

    Thanks for the link Andy and congrats for being no 7 (at the moment I see it). It will be another sleepless night for me browsing at those sites :P

  11. says

    45n5 is definitely on the list of blogs I read. I think this one will be on there too. Anyone who can make all those sweet programs is definitely smart and I want to read anything that they have to write!

  12. says

    Thanks for the tip-off to the list. If I do nothing other than study the Top 100, I’m sure to improve my ranking and my writing. (Not to mention my income!)

  13. says

    Thanks alot for the list Andy. I will have to read through them and get some good information for my blog. Congratulations on your top 10. Thanks for being so informative!

  14. makemoneyathome says

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