Advertising Management Solution – Openads 2.4 Released

I have just received notification that OpenAds 2.4 has been release. This is a full public version, not a beta (does that make it Web 3.0 ? )

Primary new features include:-

  • Enterprise level delivery – Capability to serve billions of ads per month
  • Smoother campaign delivery and prioritisation
  • Easy integration with leading applications: Track Google and Yahoo! clicks
  • Enhanced targeting and campaign management
  • Better reporting capability

Full feature comparison list

OpenAds is a complete tracking solution and advertising rotation system, and best of all it is free.

Why Use OpenAds?

It allows you to manage your advertising from one central location, avoid banner blindness and serve different adverts to different visitors.

Whilst lots of WordPress plugins try to optimize for different audiences, such as switching off adverts for social media traffic, Openads can do it with simplicity.
Look at all these filtering options.

* Browser
* Domain
* IP Address
* Language
* Operating System
* Useragent
* US Area Code
* City
* Continent
* Country
* Netspeed
* ISP/Organisation
* US/Canada Post Code
* Region
* Referring Page
* Source
* Date
* Day of Week
* Hour of Day
* Longitude/Latitude
* Channel
* Homepage
* Page URL
* Variable

Whilst you might feel it is overkill for a single blog, if you configure a blog to use OpenAds extensively, you have more control, and a lot less plugins and custom code.

As an example why show subscription options on every page to someone who has visited 20 times?

Eventually I will have a full review, but in the meantime give it a try.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy,

    I was actually looking for something like this to replace my google adsense. I was curious though. I am not a programmer and know very little in regards to installation. Is the install as easy as loading it up into your root file and reading the directions?

    Also, one of my sites happens to already have an adserver network that incorporates “zones”. But what about having it work in a wordpress theme? Is this possible or will it entail a bit of work working out the themes?

    Also, can I set the adnetwork to work like google adsense. In other words, can I create a script that simply inserts the ads whereever I want or will it only be in predefined “zones”?

  2. says

    We used to use another open source banner system, I think it was phpadsnew or something like that.

    The main issue we had was when implementing many ad boxes on one page the script really slowed things down (made the page take forever to load) so we ended up making our own custom solution.

    I wonder how Open Ads performs comparatively…

  3. says

    Hi Andy,

    Found you trying to find someone blogging about performance issues related to Openads.
    I’m a Buddhist monk blogging about Buddhism.
    I have installed Openads after hearing about it from problogger. But, the performance seems to be a big issue! Maybe I have something configured wrongly?

    I’d be very interested in seeing videos on how to leverage the various features. Is this something you can do???? please please pretty please :)

  4. says

    I love the Openads server and have been using it through various versions and name changes … what I am really looking for is a plugin that is going to allow us to take payments for online orders and renewals from clients. Thoughts?


  5. says

    I’m looking for a plugin which allows me to place ads in only the index page, in individual pages minus index page and certain or all individual posts. Ad rotation feature is a bonus. Any recommendation?

    • says

      Greg that would really need to be fully part of OpenAds

      Ginn most of that can be done with theme tweaks either using different custom themes or a little programming logic.

      I don’t know of any plugin which would give you the exact results you are looking at. The Semiologic Pro theme has an advertising manager that I think allows you to control zones, but I am not sure it has enough logic functions for what you require. You would still need the theme tweaks.

  6. says

    I’m looking for a plugin which allows me to place ads in only the index page, in individual pages minus index page and certain or all individual posts. Ad rotation feature is a bonus. Any recommendation?

    Gin …

    The current version of semiologic allows you to do all four of the ad features you are talking about … it is not intuitive at first, but very powerful once you figure out how to combine what it calls “ad units” and “ad distribution” …

    The next release which is in alpha testing provides even more fine granular control with a new advertising management system included … I am playing with the new system on a couple of test sites now, and it gives me a level of control that I will be moving 39 heavy advertising sites to it as soon as it is a full release canidate …


  7. says

    Greg, do you mean Semiologic Pro theme? Can you provide the link?

    I did a search here on Andy’s site and could not find an affiliate link of his – you might ask him for one (I believe you should support those who feed you) …

    If he does not have one, you can go directly to


  8. Greg Watson says

    Ginn … that was not my link, not an affiliate link … the getsemiologic link is the Semiologic Pro sales page …

    The link you posted is the standard semiologic package which is pretty well optimized from a search engine optimization perspective but without all of the bells and whistles of the pro package …

    You can certainly do it yourself manually ….

  9. says

    Thanks for the information. I agree with you that all can be done manually by using a suitable theme. I just found one which allows me to do what I want. The theme is Smashing Theme.

  10. How to Play Casino Games says

    I just took a look at OpenAds.. I actually followed the link from their testimonial page..

    Looks good but setting it up might be a little daunting for someone who is a beginner at server related things (ssh, cronjobs, etc). I’m definitely reading up on it though cause it looks great.

  11. says

    BEWARE: Performance has taken a nosedive since I upgraded from PhpAdsNew. The database used to be simple, and I think the addition of channels, agencies, and other muck has just fouled things up. I’m really sorry I upgraded.