SWsoft Acquires Positive Software – Linux Hosting Control Panel Consolidation

Some news for those server geeks who pay attention to what happens on the backend of their websites, because typical servers are normally slightly more than just Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

The interface that most people might be familiar with for maintaining their server is Cpanel, though many will also be familiar with Plesk.

Plesk & Virtuozzo are products from SWsoft

SWsoft also purchased Ensim just 3 days ago, another popular choice for server management.

It has just been made official that SWsoft have acquired Positive Software (Psoft), who publish the H-sphere software, which provides another alternative to Plesk and Cpanel/WHM with full integration of the sales and support service, and impressive virtual clusters.
Here are all the facts about H-sphere

Mac owners might also be familiar with another product from SWsoft, Parallels

Whilst this consolidation might not result in separate products, it will result in a lot of shared technology and expertise that could have a major impact on the current market positions.

I don’t have access to current industry figures, but I would speculate that these mergers and acquisitions represent quite a staggering shift in market share.

My news alert from Imountain hosting stated

With all these mergers, SWSoft has just become the largest Webhosting Automation company. The only competitors left in the Linux Hosting Control Panel Market are Cpanel, DirectAdmin. This will most likely create a massive positive impact on H-Sphere. With the backing of such a large and rich company as SWSoft, H-Sphere is poised to become the market leader in fully automated hosting solutions.

Thanks to imountain hosting and Web Hosting Talk where there is plenty of discussion.

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  1. mudflation says

    lets hope this is for the better, too many mergers and acquisitons end up messing up the smaller company’s product

  2. says

    I just love h-sphere. It’s a bummer I had to let it go when I moved hosts to be in a more “central” location (LA, in my case).

    H-sphere is really really good. And of course, it’s seamlessly Linux and Windows, which is pretty cool.

    I’ve used h-sphere both as an end-user and an admin. Great stuff.

    Ensim also have some very cool stuff, especially their hosted Exchange, which I have used, and might still use if I could get it at a good price.

    Thanks for the heads-up, mate.


  3. says

    The acquisition was an excellent idea. Ensim was losing in popularity somewhat and SWSoft has had a history of being able to acquire diminishing products and revamping them.

    Kind regards,

  4. planhosting says

    Anyone know of a site where we can see market coverage of Cpanel, Plesk and Directadmin ?