SPAM Box Zero in Gmail – The Ultimate Goal


I have read hundreds of articles on how to achieve in-box zero, but never an article on how to ensure that the email lists you signed up for or important notifications never end up in the spam folder.

How To Stalk a Company on Social Media (For Their Benefit)

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I recently wrote about how we can fight against patent trolls in the marketing space.

As I mentioned in that post, one of the simple proactive ways to combat patent trolls and companies taking the legal route armed with trivial incremental software patents is simply to support their competitors and in particular their targets.

SEO Sanitation From A Cleaner of Other People’s $#!+

I often liken what I occasionally do to being a cleaner of other people’s $#!+ and in some ways that is what I do in my role as Product Manager at uQast (we are just starting our chartered launch), tracking down bugs & designing features that solve the problems of our customers.
It is much better being the “Head Cleaner” – then you don’t necessarily have to get out a mop & bucket yourself… let alone a plunger.

ACTA? Dead Man Walking

Apparently 22 member states wasted a huge amount of resources signing the ACTA treaty.
If the current version had in some way been publicized previously they might have had a vague chance of it not causing a multinational revolt across Europe.