Warning: WordPress Trademark Now Has Teeth

WordPress Registered Trademark - artistic representation

Close to 4 years ago trademark policy with WordPress was confusing.

Automattic registered the WordPress trademark and began sending out letters to domain owners who provided goods and services around the WordPress brand.
They actually started sending out these letters and emails before the trademark was even published for opposition.

Google Adwords – Mid to Long Tail – Google Doesn’t Care?

Armand Morin Legal Stuff

One of the hottest stories of the weekend without doubt was Armand Morin revealing that a Google Adwords rep had told one of his affiliates, in an email, that he needed to fix Armand’s site or remove it from the internet for unacceptable business practices, or remain with his Adwords account suspended.

What Kind Of Soap Gets Your Hands Clean?

Organic or a bunch of chemical?

Lye soap or made from potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide etc?

Vegetable oil or animal fat?

Hot or cold process?

Mixed with titanium, nickel, aluminium or silver?

How To Create a Better Tweet Button (+WP Shortcode)

Share This On Twitter

Having criticized the new retweet or “tweet” button that Twitter have introduced, lets see if we can make it better.

This mainly covers WordPress – if you are on another platform, find a geek that uses it to try to do the equivalent, but I doubt this is possible on Blogger.