Vimeo – Remove Your Videos & Links Now


vimeo-commercial-use-2Paul had a nasty Christmas present, an email notifying him that his training videos were in breach of Vimeo’s no commercial use policy.

You could believe his shock, with so many popular tech, web design & SEO blogs being allowed to flaunt the rules.

Real WordPress PPC Landing Pages

I am still working on some stuff with dynamic tracking links, but if you are using WordPress for PPC you might also need to think about dynamic content.

I know there are a number of WordPress Themes and plugins that claim they are intended for use with PPC, but they are not going to solve dynamic keyword insertion, and that could have a massive effect on conversion rates & quality score.

Affiliate Tracking For Product Launches (Pt 1)

This post is addressed to the poorly defined group of “Internet & Information” Marketers rather than the other poorly defined group of “Affiliate” Marketers. I am also going to clump most bloggers into the “Internet Marketers” group, because from what I have seen their tracking skills are pretty lacking, even if they claim to be “affiliate marketers”.