BlogCatalog API Launches

Blogcatalog have just launched an API for programmers giving extensive access to the data contained within both the user profiles and blog profiles.

The BlogCatalog REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API allows the retrieval of public user and blog data based on a set of input parameters. This page outlines the various types of requests that can be executed and provides example requests and responses.

Outsourcing & Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is often discussed in the context of other people stealing your content, but today I am going to look at it from another perspective, ensuring that the content you create or have created for you is looked on as being unique.

Yahoo Change Pricing – Quality Based

I haven’t used Yahoo for PPC much in the past, so I would love to know what difference this makes for those of you who use PPC extensively through Yahoo.

I suppose my reluctance to use Yahoo was 2 fold

Letting Other People Write The LinkBait

John Reese Disclosure

A lot of the things I write go completely over the head of many of my readers, and in some ways that is actually a concious decision which certainly costs me a much higher readership.

Google Crap(s) vs StumbleUpon – Personalized Recommendations


DiceIt is a rare occurrence when Google create a product, or new feature to an existing product that isn’t very good, but now they have created… Google Crap(s)

I haven’t played around with the new Google Personalized Recommendations on Google Toolbar before today, so I thought the results would be interesting.

One Day

This post is entitled just One Day, not One Day Blog Silence, because some people may wish to take other actions, and possibly speak out about other causes.

One Day Blog Silence

For French Speakers

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

bloggers choice standing

I have been a little tied up this week to respond to a number of things and I have always tried to respond as quickly as possible. Please forgive me.

Thinking Blogger Award