Readers Throwing Money Away

Or maybe it is just me throwing money away by not just including my own selection of ebooks for my best ebooks post recently.

The post brings in search traffic every day, both from blog search and even Google’s main search that could be reading the recommended ebooks from my subscribers, rather than links I suggest.
Currently 7th and 4th on the first page of Google.
It is not bringing in a huge amount of traffic (a few visitors every day), but then it hasn’t been marketed at all yet, and those 2 terms are not highly competitive.

FTC | Word of Mouth and Affiliates

I was honestly so caught up in other things over the last 36 hours, I totally missed this and it is highly relevant to my Disclosure Policy Plugin.

I am not a lawyer, thus any interpretation of the situation I am going to leave in the hands of lawyers who I have a great deal of respect for, and who themselves are involved in the internet marketing field.

Disclosure Policy WordPress Plugin Now Available

The site is live, the plugin available for download.

I’m exhausted…

There are still a lot of things that need tweaking on the site before I promote it but thought I would at least mention it here before hitting the sack.

Feedburner Customization

I have just been doing a little rebranding of my Feedburner feeds, especially for their email services.

It was actually something I had overlooked when I first enabled email subscriptions. I had carefully looked at Feedblitz, and decided I didn’t like the way their email subscriptions looked by default, and at the same time, I didn’t really want to pay for all the customised options that would have made using their service worthwhile.

Looking for a “Chief Technical Officer”

Something most people hopefully are not aware of is that I am slowly trying to launch my own “Internet Marketing meets Web 2.0″ startup.

I am keeping all the details pretty much under wraps, because some of the technology is likely patentable.

Exploiting Google Co-op CSE

Google have just launched the Google Co-op Custom Search service.

The initial feedback I have seen from many bloggers is “more of the same”.

Google Co-op is not the same as Google Adsense for Search in many ways, and the new service can be used / abused in ways that Adsense for Search could not.