503 Service Unavailable Status Code Can Kill Your Search Traffic

Using 503 Server Unavailable For Extended Periods Can Kill Your Search Traffic

This is a post I am sure the “Andy Beard Haters Club” will gloat over, but as I haven’t been able to find a resource anywhere on the effect extended use of 503 Service Unavailable can potentially have on a site, and in particular the effect on search traffic, I thought I should write about it.

Stompernet Site Seer – Ripped Apart

Site Seer Google Search results

Stomper Site Seer is totally free, other than requiring registration. Is it worth handing over your email address?

Comparisons are bound to be made with the many free tools available from SEOmoz and SEObook, some of which are purely online services, and others are browser plugins. Many of the SEOmoz tools also require registration, and some are under the hood of their paid membership, especially tools which provide long term analysis of both your own site, and that of competitors.

Alexa Rating Changes?

Alexa Reach

For the last few months I have noticed a fairly substantial decline in my Alexa rating despite an upturn in traffic after the Christmas holidays. The traffic hasn’t been as high as during the PageRank updates in October 2007, but certainly higher than the average for most of last year, even factoring in some downturn in Stumbleupon traffic.

IzeaRanks & RealRank – How Many Lies Can You Tell Your Advertisers?

Adage Power 150 changes

Lets face it, bloggers love stats and rankings, even if they are based upon meaningless data. For some it is an ego thing, or just a measure of their own worth or progress to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves, and for others it is monetary. If you want to sell advertising on your blog other than PPC or CPM based, you need to have some kind of carrot to wave at advertisers to encourage them to part with their advertising dollars.

The Pied Piper Of PayPerPost?

Pied Piper of PayPerPost

Pied Piper of PayPerPostOver the last year I have given a fair amount of coverage to PayPerPost, who now house the service along with other endeavours under the name Izea.

There are multiple reasons why I have supported PayPerPost and similar programs so strongly, and yet at the same time have never reviewed a link buying / selling service.

Remarkable Traffic From Alexa Themselves?

Alexa Movers & Shakers

Many webmasters would say that Alexa data is meaningless, and that there is no benefit in gaining in Alexa rating, other than possibly from various metrics used for advertising, and “meaningless” ratings charts to brag about.