Update: FIXED -Bitly Blocked By OpenDNS

OpenDNS-Bitly-Phishing Site Blocked

Update – this seems to have been a short term glitch in the fabric of the interweb and corrected itself just after I posted.

I just went to follow a link on Twitter and discovered it was blocked by OpenDNS

PageRank Update – Twitter Profiles – Tosh

Today we are going to face an avalanche of Technology bloggers who can’t help blogging about every intricate detail of Twitter in one way or another claiming that Google has devalued Twitter profiles in the search engine results pages (SERPs) or reduced the PageRank of profiles.

Eperks On Mahalo

Here is a little olive branch for the guys at ePerks, an unbiased resource that could be used to present 2 sides of the current Vlad vs ePerks legal kerfuffle.

I am not going to portray Mahalo as some kind of “sacred ground”, and I have been a little negative about Mahalo in the past, but it does offer ePerks the opportunity to submit links, hopefully not from anonymous sources, of people happy with their service.

ePerks – I Am Not A Minion Mr Cook

ePerks vs Vlad

In what seems to be an impartial report on the ePerks vs Vlad lawsuit, Mr Ron Cook, the lawyer representing Brabus Ventures, owners of ePerks, made the following highly controversial statements.

Facebook In Polish – Renovated By Cowboys

Facebook Polish

For a number of months every time I log into Facebook (or at least it seemed that way) Facebook would add a call for help with translation into my news feed. I think most of my readers are aware that I live in Poland, though those details are not directly available to Facebook, unless they look at my phone number.

Techmeme Goes SEO

Techmeme SEO Story 1

In the past I have mentioned that often on Techmeme somehow search marketing blogs that cover Google news extensively weren’t gaining a huge share of the limelight as the “lead” for stories, even if they were first to break the news.