Best Free Ebooks | Free Reports of 2006

Every year 1000s of free reports and ebooks are published to promote various products or services. or just to encourage email sign ups.

The tactic is commonly referred to as one form of “Viral Marketing”

Nofollow | Preserving Google Juice

Nofollow example - SEO best practice

When I did my round up of readers taking action of various kinds with , I missed out on one very active reader. I hadn’t been by his blog in a few days, and there has been quite a significant change.

Jason Calacanis SEO Keynote

What is the best way to get every person interested in SEO talk about you?

How about Jason Calacanis stating that “Seo is bullshit” in a keynote at an SEO conference with Danny Sullivan.

Duplicate Content

Lee Odden has a great overview on duplicate content issues.

He is blogging various sessions from the Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference.

Here are the bullet points from just one of the speakers on the session (Shari Thurow), and I bolded one of them

Blog SEO | Evaluation | Taking action

using nofollow to cultivate pagerank

One of the most rewarding things about blogging, at least for me, is when you see people taking action based on something you have suggested.

There are actually 2 distinct stages in taking action

Feedburner Customization

I have just been doing a little rebranding of my Feedburner feeds, especially for their email services.

It was actually something I had overlooked when I first enabled email subscriptions. I had carefully looked at Feedblitz, and decided I didn’t like the way their email subscriptions looked by default, and at the same time, I didn’t really want to pay for all the customised options that would have made using their service worthwhile.

Nofollow | SEO & Dynamic Linking | Disclosure

Here are some more links discussing the use of NoFollow for SEO purposes.

Seo Blog has a solid overview of how each search engine treats nofollow.
I am not sure the final conclusion regarding Yahoo and treating nofollow for ranking purposes is correct. I know many people who have done well with blog comments with Yahoo search, even on blogs using nofollow. I haven’t got any recent data.

NoFollow and Pink Boxes

nofollow social buttons

Did you know that using social network buttons can hurt your search engine rankings?

Every single link on your page gives some weight to the pages it is linking to, whether internal or external.

Tagging and traffic analysis

It is Friday, but I am still going to nag people about SEO and tagging.

It seems in the last 24 hrs that Alexa have caught up a little with their statistics