Related Posts with UTW

Patrick Schaber just dropped me an email asking me which related posts plugin I am using. Actually I am using one of the functions of the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin to make the list.

10 Article Killers – Free Article Marketing Ebook

10 Article Killers is another new site just launched, based on the “Death of Adsense” backend system, thus they pay a small amount for people referred ($1), offer a small bonus (unknown) for getting 5 signups, and also have a decent one-time offer.

Podcast with Irish Attitude

If you are someone who likes to listen to podcasts on blogging and tech issues, you might like to give Paul’s new podcast a try.

It is “down to earth” rather than full of hype (as you would expect from an Irishman), and my first impressions of it are very good (and that is not because I got a mention in the first episode).

Feedburner Email Formatting

Feedburner Email Bug

I subscribe to my own feeds in various RSS readers and also by email to help me find bugs in my blog posts and various CSS formatting.

Here is a little bug I picked up today that I found interesting.

How To Optimize Your Blog For Syndication | Meme Trackers

Search Engine Twins

With the growing adoption of RSS readers, Meme Trackers and content being syndicated on 3rd party sites, how your content is ultimately presented becomes increasingly important.
What follows are some basic steps to optimize your content for syndication, as well as some more advanced techniques.

Did I Link to a Dmoz Editor?

Unlike most SEO concious people, I didn’t submit this site to Dmoz. I just decided that if it was going to happen, it would happen. A while back I did apply to be a Dmoz editor for a very off the beaten track section (that was being heavily abused and where I could add a lot of value), but I gave up trying to get my application accepted.

5 Questions

I bet Chris thought I had forgotten or didn’t notice being tagged 8 days ago. I was caught up with upgrade issues at the time, and then various news stories took priority.