Best Of Blogs Awards – For those struggling to have their voice heard

The one thing that irritates me about all the “Best of” blogging awards is that they are always, without exception won by the blog that can encourage enough of their own readership to vote for them. Obviously they have the high readership because they write quality content, and have been established for a lot longer to build up their readership, but in some cases that means they win the prizes, year on year, almost by default.

MyBlogLog Wishlists – Stop Thinking Small


I hate to say it guys, but all these wishy washy wish lists that appeared today really don’t give MyBlogLog the credit they truly deserve, or really explore the potential of MyBlogLog. Andy Beal has a few useful ideas. Shoemoney also has a list, but I am not going to link to him as he prefers invective to cover up his spamming activities. In fact Shoemoney’s list seems to be an attempt to control the problems his community marketing tactics initially encouraged.