BlogRovr is Elitist

I heard about BlogRovr over on WTC and thought I would give it a try.

It seemed like a good idea, I took some screenshots while setting it up and was going to write a lengthy post about it today.
I was honestly quite excited, as I find various kinds of meme trackers extremely useful.

How to Use MyBlogLog

One of the most frequent questions regarding MyBlogLog is how to use it effectively to gain something… anything… from taking part.

To get the most from MyBlogLog you have to use it as an aid in finding blogs that are interesting, and then actually join the conversation on the other blogs. Spam message either through MBL, or on a blog you visit aren’t going to bring you subscribers, future business partners, and friends.

New Look But a Few Teething Problems

I have been reworking an updated version of the Blog.txt theme I use for a few days, and have finally switched over, but there are a few teething problems I still have to work out.