Do You Stumble?

I have been using StumbleUpon a fair amount over the last couple of months, usually at the end of a day when I just want to wind down or gather ideas for site designs.

Volusion Review And Suggestions

Volusion Value For Money?

Over the weekend (I think it was actually Saturday), I received a request for a sponsored review for Volusion. I haven’t got a huge amount of experience with specific shopping carts, so I knew if I was going to do any justice to the review, I would need a little time.

spicypage Widget


Visitors to the front page of my blog will now see a spicypage widget – yes that seems to be correct capitalization and yes the widget is a little ugly… or maybe we should just say unique.

LinkedIn Invites – LinkedIn Fast Generator Improvements

LinkedIn Button Generator Approved?
Unfortunately LinkedIn decided to block this solution because it represented a security risk. There were other alternatives to make things secure, but they decided it was better not to have a free method of connecting with someone you know quickly.
It is assumed that this is nothing related with them wanting to charge money for premium services