Akismet False Positives & Spam Karma Configuration

Spam Karma Settings

Spam Karma for me is the most effective comment and trackback spam management solution because it doesn’t cause me problems with false positives on many blogs where I comment on a regular basis.
As a blogger, it is a huge time saver by sending me email notifications a few times per day if it finds entries that are “possible” good comments and trackbacks, but which tripped up one or more of the various algorithms it uses.

Trackback Spider Review

What Does Trackback Spider Do?

From what I have read on the pre-release materials, it sends trackback notifications to create one-way links to your website.

That means:-

  • You are not being referenced on the site sending the trackback

PayPerPost – Review My Post Landing Pages

Old Pay Per Post RML Landing Page

Some time ago I tested the Pay Per Post “Review My Post” links with marginal success.

The success rate was marginal because although lots of people clicked on the links in a fairly short period of time, I had a very poor conversion rate.
The biggest failing was that all they presented to a user after they clicked through was a subscription box, effectively the same as if you clicked “signup” on the PayPerPost site.

Letting Other People Write The LinkBait

John Reese Disclosure

A lot of the things I write go completely over the head of many of my readers, and in some ways that is actually a concious decision which certainly costs me a much higher readership.

Facebook – Are you a 2nd Class Scum of the Earth Too?

Facebook categorising friends

Facebook is all the rage currently, and lots of my online friends are OOOOing and AHHHing about the cool new API, Twittering from Facebook etc, but I am feeling extremely left out because basic functions of Facebook currently make me feel like I am an inferior being.

MyBlogLog Tagging Update

MyBlogLog Tags

It appears that one of my fans believes that the whole blogging world revolves around my blog, and has thus tagged me for everything from Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan to careers, poetry and religion.

SchMOe – I Tagged Myself on MyBlogLog


MyBlogLogI have just tagged myself a SchMOe on MyblogLog

  • Blogs are a form of social media
  • I talk about optimizing blogs
  • MyBlogLog says:-
  • Spam – If you think someone is spamming you, tag it out loud! Internally, we like to call a user who games the system a SchMOe (Social Media Optimizer). Tag anyone who spams you with the term schmoe. Picture_13 While they have the ability to delete the tag and never see it again, WE can see it internally. As their user account racks up the schoe tag, we’ll investigate their conversations and take appropriate action.