WordPress SEO Masterclass For Competitive Niches

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Take a well optimized WordPress blog in a competitive niche, rip it apart, and help maximise its chances of ranking in the SERPs and raking in some cash. This isn’t lame all-in-one optimization plugins, it is totally geeking it out!

WordPress SEO – Siloing vs Massive Ball Linking With Tags

This is not the definitive guide to WordPress SEO, and I highly doubt I am the right person to write one, in fact I am not sure who would be. That being said this partial guide on a couple of aspects of WordPress SEO might offer a broader perspective on what is possible than I have seen previously published.

Converting Visitors Into Subscribers

Initial Subscription Options

Are you blogging purely to make a quick buck, or do you have long-term goals? If you have long-term goals then one of the most important aspects of your blog design isn’t advertising placement, but how you encourage people to subscribe to your blog, or sign up to your mailing list.

I Predate Google

I am a long way behind on memes, in some cases a good 3 or 4 weeks, but I have the ones I am interested in bookmarked, and I will come back to them when I have time.

OpenAds Preview

One of the best ways to get my attention is to link to me, or link to some of my content. Actually linking to my content and using a trackback is more likely to be seen than a blogroll link, because I actively check out trackbacks just in case something slips through Spam Karma which shouldn’t, or there is some interesting conversation to respond to.

Sam Casuncad – Unprofessional SEO?

SEM Pros

Honestly if you offer a service promoting professional SEO and SEM services, you don’t spam the comments of another blog in the SEO community trying to promote some WordPress themes of dubious quality.