Lunar Pages – The Worst Mistake A Webhost Can Make…

… is to mess bloggers around.

I have just been reading some disturbing news from Trisia – she has been going through hell because her web host, Lunar Pages was claiming that her server was being a CPU resource hog, yet she wasn’t running any particular plugins that were an unusual drain on system resources to her knowledge, and Trisia is much more WordPress savvy than your average blogger.

Jason Calacanis Mahalo Diggbait – Lies Or Credit?

Just one month ago Jason Calacanis invited me and a few bloggers he has crossed swords with in the past onto his Calacanis podcast. During that podcast I highlighted what I believe was one of the fundamental flaws with Mahalo’s long-term success, and Jason very politely rejected my advice.

A Dofollow Plugin I Liken To A Subaru

I was going to liken this plugin to a Ferrari, because it is built to be fast, but it is probably more like a Subaru, not just fast but designed for rugged terrain and can handle the twists and turns of comment spammers without slowing down.

Marketing Blogs Go Ballistic

Top150 Marketing Blogs

Top150 Marketing BlogsThis was going to be a quick meandering kind of round-up, but obviously not a speed-linking post because I tend to avoid those, but it grew… so it doesn’t have as many links in it as I planned.

How To Track RSS Subscriptions Using Google Analytics

One of the most frustrating things about RSS is not being able to track RSS subscription rates from source traffic. There are other problems such as how people interact with your RSS content, but even being able to determine which sources of traffic result in subscribers would be a huge commercial advantage for bloggers, allowing them to focus their efforts on traffic generation strategies that will grow their business.

Paid Comments – They Can Be 100% Ethical

Whilst travelling I missed a blogstorm – “Buy Blog Comments” a controversial service that allows you to pay a fee to have someone promote your website writing comments.
This is probably going to be my most controversial post ever, and lots of people are going to think it is just linkbait, but I sincerely believe that paid comments can be ethical.

Sphinn Support – Antisocial (SEO Friendly Sociable) WordPress Plugin

I have just added support for Sphinn to my hacked version of the popular Sociable plugin.

For those unfamiliar with Antisocial, these are the differences

  • All links have nofollow added – this might sound strange coming from someone who strongly supports the removal of nofollow from comments, but there is no logical purpose having a followable link to a social bookmark site that just points to a submission form