Niche Marketing Opportunities – Wikirage & SquidWho

This is one of those days when an opportunity falls right in your lap, and you wonder whether you should really write about it and keep the information to yourself.

Then again I am one of those caring people who really does like to provide some useful information.

Sharing Traffic For Free Traffic

I know that my short posts such as this one normally send lots of free traffic to whoever I link to, and it is a weapon I use in multiple ways, either to get a point across, or as a clear signal of support for a concept.
In this case it is to highlight a concept I fully endorse, if you want more free traffic, you have to share traffic.
note:seems like Tinu just hit a WordPress problem, I am sure she will pick it up quickly. It is well worth visiting later

Technorati Favorites – Interesting New Message

Many people with lots of favorites in Technorati might have noticed that for the last month or so that Technorati were not displaying them, and thought that for some reason their account might have been banned.

Google Didn’t Listen To Seth 18 Months Ago

I have spent the morning watching a number of contrasting videos which in some ways suggest that Google may have jumped the shark, and I don’t fully agree with any of them.
The Seth Godin Video is interesting, because he was telling Google what to do 18 months ago.

Why You Should Always FORGET Passwords

How many passwords are currently clogging up your brain?


Your brain has a finite capacity, though through training you can improve your use of it. The more you fill up your brain with things like passwords and phone numbers, the less capacity it has for learning important things, and thinking about them.

Pushing WordPress SEO Boundaries

How many SEO blogs actually write original content?

I am not talking about original words, but original ideas which can be based either on experience from experimentation or what I would describe as reasoned theory?
Experience based on following conventional wisdom just doesn’t count – you only need to read one SEO blog for accepted best practice, it doesn’t really matter which one of the mainstream SEO blogs you choose. You might choose a few more for industry news with differing opinion.