2 Surfer Dudes Who Know A Thing About Video

I think I have been on both of these guy’s mailing lists for maybe 2 years and they certainly know what they are talking about.

I honestly have no idea what kind of product Jason Moffatt is launching with these videos, and I am not one of his affiliates (at least for this launch).

Final Word On Alexa Redirects

Whilst I have mentioned the problems with using Alexa redirects for links in the past, when talking about linking mistakes, I am going to leave it to Matt to give you a pictorial lesson on exactly why it is bad to use them (if you still need to be convinced).

Outsourcing & Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is often discussed in the context of other people stealing your content, but today I am going to look at it from another perspective, ensuring that the content you create or have created for you is looked on as being unique.

Steal Content From Download Squad to get links!

Download squad often has some high quality articles, but sometimes I wonder whether the writers really understand what they are writing about, or are compiling their content whilst referring to multiple sources.