Gmail Want Help With Spam Filters

Gmail Spam Filtering

I have been spending a fair amount of time recently pulling email I want to read from the spam folder, even emails sent to me from my own contact form.

Today while pulling an email from the spam folder I was greeted with this message.

Blogcatalog – Does Onclick Pass PageRank?

Blogcatalog PageRank

Note: Old code from this post has been removed – sorry blame WP and poor code support

When Blogcatalog was relaunched, the links from the directory were nofollow.


In my initial review I suggested that it would be a popular decision to remove the nofollow from the links, and also use a different method of tracking clicks – Blogcatalog have to track clicks because it is part of their blog rating system, and might also help with advertising sales for premium positioning.

Blocking Adverts Might Cost You Money

  • Do you love browsing the ‘net without adverts?
  • Do you enjoy those faster loading pages?
  • Does you company benefit from lower bandwidth costs without ads?

Blocking adverts could actually cost you money, or damage the web as we know it is today.

Top Make Money Online Blogs

Lists to resources are quite often more useful than a single website reference and Mark at 45n5 has created a list of the top Make Money Online blogs.

What I especially like is that he hasn’t just included those that include the keywords in the title and in the title of almost every single post thus there are a lot of sites that specialise in affiliate marketing, blogging, ppc etc