Google Reputation Management Disaster With Open Social

Google Open Social

Gmail ClownGoogle just walks into reputation management and trademark problems one after the other, and today is no exception.

Not too long ago it was their attempt to force people to give up domains legally registered using the acronym “g.m.a.i.l” or gmail, which Google uses for their email service.

BlogRoll Circle Jerk? – If You Encourage Junk Comments That Is What You Get

Nice SEO Friendly link to Courtney

The quality of comments on a blog totally depend on the blog itself, the type of content you write, and the tools and method you decide to moderate content.

On Shoemoney, Pam takes a pop at the Ifollow Movement, the lists of links to dofollow blogs that traversed the Blogosphere 6 months ago.
Whilst I was included on some of those lists, I didn’t take an active roll, as the lists really didn’t present any value to me.

Google PageRank: Joke Of The Blogosphere?

Matt Above The Waist

Andy Greenberg of Forbes got it totally wrong when he wrote Google Scares The Search Crowd

In many ways Google should be a little worried about the blogosphere reaction.

I was the centre of attention more by chance and timing than anything else, as I am sure it wouldn’t have taken my worthy SEO colleagues long to make a list of sites that have been hit by PageRank penalties and spot some patterns.

Digg Favorites Slapped By Google

For a company such as Google with a stock price based extensively on anticipated growth and public sentiment, it doesn’t take a huge swing in goodwill to have a dramatic effect on valuation. Google has just slapped their biggest fans.

Gooruze Preview


GooruzeI have only just found out about Gooruze, it seems only the cool kids get to beta test anything these days ;) Actually I do get to peep at exciting new stuff once in a while, but this one slipped past me.

Mirroring Results In The Fall

Listing at #7 on search for Andy Beard

Obviously despite some negative commentary, Google still is the fairest of them all, though not all results necessarily make sense.

Vanessa Fox came across something interesting in her vanity search today, and I thought I would add to the mystery and mystique of… the Google SERPs.

Taxation on Geothermal Energy

Today is blog action day, which I joined fairly early on in the promotion (17th August) and has grown to become one of the largest initiatives ever undertaken by the Blogosphere. Sometimes blogosphere or “the ‘sphere” is used as a derogative. I think this is a huge exception. Over 15,000 blogs have currently registered as being participants.