Techcrunch Now Nofollow Sponsor Links

Techcrunch November 2007 Sponsors

I would like to congratulate the Techcrunch team for finally coming to the realization that linking to sponsors within posts, without using nofollow on the links might be in violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Google Dictating Nofollow For ALL Links From Compensated Content

As I had hoped, ( ) Ted Murphy had a chance to chat with Google’s Matt Cutts at Pubcon

It seems Google want all links within content that “wouldn’t exist without payment” to use nofollow, but seems to be focusing on services like PayPerPost, and not other forms of links which wouldn’t exist without compensation.

Bloglines Beta Adds Preview

Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference when browsing RSS feeds, such as how quickly you can visit the site in your browser to view content not shown in the RSS feed (partial feeds or sometimes things like javascript widgets), or on busy blog often the comments are just as important as the article itself.

Social Power Linking Now Only $29.95

JackBack in August I reviewed Jack’s Social Power Linking Home Study Course which he created with Peter Lenkefi

I claim it as a review, even though I hadn’t actually seen the product. I had one major problem with it which wouldn’t have worried many of my readers, but was a significant problem for me – it was a physical product.

98 Remarkable Acts of Kindness

Bloggers Unite - Acts of Kindness

Bloggers Unite - Acts of KindnessMoving to a new house, not having an internet connection, or a telephone for that matter for 2 weeks really throws a spanner in the works, and it takes time to settle down.