Hubba Hubba Hublove

Welcome, participants in the HubLove contest at HubPages!

For anyone already not running around the blogosphere every day finding clues and then creating hubs, this is what it is all about.

Niche Annihilation Reviews & Bonuses

Rob Benwell is launching his Niche Annihilation Method today.

I actually read a preview copy about a week ago. It is not his usual beginners style guide such as his previous Blogging To The Bank 1 & 2 which were both massive Clickbank hits although I didn’t fully agree with some parts of them (Rob I still don’t know how you can use Yahoo hosting)

Green Pixel Dust Has A Negative

There is a negative side to having your PageRank restored, or maybe depending on your niche it can be turned into a positive.

Many of the blog comment tools are based not just on the highest ranking pages for a search term, but resorting pages based on PageRank.

Dear Digg – Please Ban My Site


Dear Digg

I have built up my blog to quite a large readership by writing in depth thoughtful articles.

To be honest, I am writing this not for the traffic I haven’t received, but because the stories I write about often need a different perspective, or the companies I write about are newsworthy.

MyBlogLog Social Activity Time Line Disappoints

MyBlogLog Social Activity Stream Bugs

I normally include a disclosure at the end of my posts relating to Blogcatalog and MyBlogLog, because I want to preserve as much impartiality as possible.
I have always tried to give them equal coverage, and whatever financial benefit I gain from working a little closer with Blogcatalog behind the scenes I try not to influence my opinion. If I was writing paid reviews about them, or had accepted direct advertising, I would have earned a lot more than I will probably receive long term if you factor in associated risk.