Problems + Pain = PROFIT for Startups

I have just stolen/adapted that headline from Christine Comaford-Lynch of Mighty Ventures

It is the opening title of the first email that she sends to new subscribers to her email list, and goes on to say

Players With Money – Devastating The SERPS

Players With Money Devastating The SERPS

What follows is an example of the Google search results being devastated by techniques taught by Alex Goad in his Players With Money membership site.

In the run up to the initial launch, and some time afterwards, I was ranking extremely well, with only the primary domain ranking better.

Stompernet Site Seer – Ripped Apart

Site Seer Google Search results

Stomper Site Seer is totally free, other than requiring registration. Is it worth handing over your email address?

Comparisons are bound to be made with the many free tools available from SEOmoz and SEObook, some of which are purely online services, and others are browser plugins. Many of the SEOmoz tools also require registration, and some are under the hood of their paid membership, especially tools which provide long term analysis of both your own site, and that of competitors.

SEO Tool – Site Seer – Coming Soon

Dan Thies Keyword Research

I mentioned in my second poll post that the Stompernet guys would be coming out with a new tool soon, and that also they would be limiting availability of some of their goodies to those that subscribe. That will include this new SEO tool.

Wide Circles = Blog Comment Spam

Maybe I am a little sensitive to blog comment spam issues, but I like genuine members of my community gaining a little link juice for their comments. Many comments you find on my blog are better than full blog posts elsewhere (sometimes the comments are better than what I write)

How To Get Noticed?


ImpactKen McArthur has pulled out all the stops for the launch of his new book now selling on Barnes & Noble. That isn’t an affiliate link, I am not a B&N affiliate so I just pulled that link from Ken’s blog (one of many).