Climbing The Heights Of Mount Google

Link Building is a fundamental skill for SEO practitioners, but many go about it in ways that could hurt their long term ranking benefit.

Just over a year ago I wrote my first and only guest post, as an entry into Marketing Pilgrim’s annual competition.
At the time when I published the article, I joked that “I had been robbed“, you wouldn’t believe the number of comments suggesting a way to get my revenge, file DMCA, report to Google or recover my “stolen” article.

Google Screws Up My WordPress Ping List


This post is likely to cause a little controversy, but it is my honest opinion that bloggers have been led astray for long enough regarding how many services you really should send a ping notification to.

Update: FIXED -Bitly Blocked By OpenDNS

OpenDNS-Bitly-Phishing Site Blocked

Update – this seems to have been a short term glitch in the fabric of the interweb and corrected itself just after I posted.

I just went to follow a link on Twitter and discovered it was blocked by OpenDNS

Rich Schefren + Dan Thies = Live Training Heaven


Both Rich Schefren & Dan Thies are holding live training events today that you don’t want to miss.

Rich Schefren GPS 2.0 Live

Last year Rich Schefren did something unprecedented – what was scheduled to be a 24hr marathon live training broadcast on Ustream ended up being extended by a couple of hours.

PageRank Sculpting Isn’t Dead But Comments Can Kill Your PageRank

This post was originally titled “Is PageRank Sculpting Dead & Can Comments Kill Your PageRank”
Following a confirmation post from Google’s Matt Cutts today, it seems PageRank Sculpting as practiced by many SEOs is effectively dead, and comments, even using links with nofollow CAN have a negative effect on the amount of PageRank that can be passed on to your internal pages.

Rackspace Cloud (Mosso) Link To Us Payola


The Rackspace Cloud (Formerly Mosso) – need to change their marketing systems rather than gaming Google

Dear Rackspace

I am actually a fan of your new Cloud Servers service. There are some huge benefits in using your service that as both a marketing geek and affiliate I can highlight and potentially drive you a lot of business.