Crazy… But I Haven’t Been Drinking

Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tom McCarthy on a trip over to Florida for a Strategic Profits event – he is an inspirational thought leader, and without doubt the most animated speaker I have ever seen on stage. He captivates his audience, and for Strategic Profits also performed the role of MC.

WordPress Comment SEO Solutions

I am sure some of this post is going to blow people’s brains, though this is only the tip of the iceberg.

WordPress Comment Solutions

Shaun almost a month ago released a modified version of Lucia’s Linky Love that removes links from comments rather than nofollow them as a partial solution to Google’s changes to PageRank distribution in regards nofollow.

Twitter Security Hypocrisy


If Twitter were really serious about the dangers of sharing access to Gmail accounts, and thus their personal documents on Google Apps, they wouldn’t continue to encourage people to hand over their email passwords just to tell their friends about Twitter or find existing friends on the service.

Conversion Rate Optimization For Freebies

IM Remarkable Bonus - Howie Schwartz - Old Version

Today I have been making some significant changes to my free IM Remarkable Offer that I thought would be worth discussing, though the reason I am making the changes is based upon limited data.

Keyword Research Nitrous Oxide

Acne Keyword Research

If you asked Howie Schwartz what are the key skills that make his business a success, at least one of the answers would be “outsourcing” and another would be automation with effective tools.

Bonus Delivery For Opt-Ins

IM Remarkable Bonus

This is a slightly taboo subject because with many product launches there is a launch competition not only for sales, but also for pre-launch opt-ins.
If you are offering an incentive for people to just opt-in, there is a high possibility that that lead might be worth less than a lead that has viewed some launch material, and decided that they are interested in the product enough to hand over an email address.