Stomper 999 – Why Now Andy?

The reasons I am promoting Stompernet 999 cover a multitude of deep themes within my own blogging, not just SEO and other forms of optimization, but also my future startup, any product I produce in the future, and my desire to help people the best way I can.

Stompernet 999 Conspiracy Theories & Scam Thread

Over the last few months there have been a number of changes within Stompernet that have caused lots of heated discussions around the blogosphere, Twitter and a number of forums.
Various documents have been passed around, promoted through contact forms including my own, and there was tons of speculation.

You Can’t Segment RSS… Sorry

Well actually you can as you could with the now defunct Feedmagic service that I evangelised 3 years ago as something that would be killed off by Google and the growing popularity of RSS sharing with Google Reader.

The #Twitter Method?


You might find this interesting, making money on Twitter without any followers. Any system that doesn’t require you to game Twitter for fake followers gets my vote.

The Twitter Method

They have a ton of training on how everything works, along with guides on how to out-source it.

Whitelisting Hogwash & Unique Solution?


I am sick of seeing all the opt-in pages telling me to add what is often a noreply email address to my contact list, or almost as bad is adding a real address to my contact list for someone I don’t really class as a contact.

Unique Sales Funnel Tricks That Will Blow You Away


The other day I was slacking off on Twitter and clicked a link through to a JV promotion that I had seen in a number of emails, but hadn’t really taken much interest in. I hadn’t heard of the guy doing the promotion, and to be quite honest the topic didn’t seem to be the best match for this blog, though it does fit with the overall “Make Money Online” and “Work From Home” niches very well.

Now Namecheap Affiliates Can Rip Off Their Readers


namecheap_logoFor 4 years I have been an advocate of using Namecheap for domain registrations. They have had the occasional technical problem, but overall I am extremely satisfied with their service, their interface, and above all knowing they are not going to switch off a domain just because of a single spam complaint.